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Nissan is another world famous industrial giant with Japanese roots. It began its activity back in 1935 and occupies an honorable third place in terms of production volumes after Toyota and Honda. During its existence, Nissan has mastered the spheres of shipbuilding and, in particular, the automotive industry. Also, huge strides have been made in rocketry. But of particular interest is the loading and unloading equipment, warehouse floor transport from Nissan. Nissan forklift trucks are used in all countries thanks to the well-established service network of this company. Also, this brand consistently supplies its customers with components of its own production, provides high-quality warranty service. What Nissan forklifts can be bought in Ukraine today? And what are their main working advantages and features?


Nissan forklift trucks with internal combustion engines

Nissan, like other leading global manufacturers of warehouse vehicles, invests heavily in the production of environmentally friendly vehicles. This also applies to forklift trucks with internal combustion engines. Nissan engines comply with today's stringent environmental regulations and have the lowest possible soot footprint.

Today, Nissan diesel forklifts are used in the most challenging jobsites handling heavy and bulky goods. Also, this type of technique is well suited for applications at low temperatures. Diesel forklift from Nissan is equipped with a fast engine warm-up system, and is best suited for operation in cold stores, in winter, in sub-arctic climates. This technique is actively used in the US, as it supports the EPA Tier III environmental standard, and in the EU, due to the Storage A III standard. This also applies to gas, petrol models of forklifts from Nissan. They belong to the category of clean self-propelled equipment and, with a powerful hood, are suitable for use even in closed warehouses.


The main series of Nissan ICE forklift trucks:

1F1 with a lifting capacity of 1.75 tons.

1F2 with a lifting capacity of 2.25 tons.

G1F2 with a lifting capacity of 3.5 tons.

1F4 with a lifting capacity of 5 tons.

F05 with a lifting capacity of 7 tons.

Also, Nissan pays a lot of attention to improving the design of its loaders, constantly working to improve the ergonomics of operator control systems.

Nissan electric forklift trucks

Starting in 2017, Nissan has been gradually phasing out production of diesel vehicles and focusing more on gas-petrol hybrids. But the main focus is still on cars and electric forklift trucks. This technique is distinguished by minimal harmful emissions into the atmosphere, in principle, it does not have a soot trail, which is the most dangerous part of the exhaust for human health. Nissan electric forklift trucks belong to lightweight floor storage vehicles. They are compact and have the smallest possible turning radius. This allows forklifts to be used in tight aisles between closely spaced racks, as is the case in high-performance modern warehouses.

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