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Scania AB was established in 1891. Its headquarters are located in Södertelge (Södertälje, Sweden). Production facilities are located on different continents. There are factories in Brazil and Argentina in Latin America. And in Europe - in Sweden, Holland, France, Russia and Poland. For a century and a quarter of work, the company has always been positioned as a manufacturer of special equipment, buses and trucks, marine and industrial engines. Also, its enterprises produce chassis for other machines. Owners of the company: Volkswagen AG (about 70% of the shares), MAN (17%).


Scania began producing trucks in 1902. Gasoline engines were installed on the cars. The first success came six years later, when a four-ton with a 20-horsepower engine was awarded a prestigious award. True, this victory affected the prestige of the company more than the increase in profit. There was no serious demand for such trucks yet, so we decided to wait with mass production. Actually, Scania Vabis was formed in 1911, after it merged in Södertälje into one company, Vagnfabriksaktiebolaget and Maskinfabriksaktiebolaget Scania. Four years later, she reached very modest, by modern standards, manufacturers of special equipment volumes. In 1915, 74 trucks, 76 personal cars and a bus were made. By the way, a third of this equipment was sold to Russia. Starting in 1921, Scania became the official supplier of buses and trucks for the state postal service. Since 1925, the company began to produce new generation trucks. They were equipped with engines with four cylinders and an upper valve arrangement, and the cabin was already closed. Due to the highly qualified designers, Scania was able to gain a foothold in such a market segment as the production of special boat engines. In 1926-27, the design bureaus of the company designed motors with four and six cylinders, developing, respectively, 60 liters. with. and 100 liters with. Due to the economic successes achieved, in 1932 Scania Vabis made the first American bulldog bus in which the engine is located in the driver's cab. At this time, the company actively cooperates with the public utilities of the Swedish capital, which ensures constant sales of its products.


This was one of the important components of the rapid economic development of the company in the 30s and 40s of the last century. In addition, Scania supplied the Swedish army with special vehicles. In 1944, the first "civilian" mass-produced truck rolled off the assembly line of the Scania special equipment manufacturer. The cars were equipped with their own 4, 6 or 8 cylinder diesel engines, developed back in 1936. Due to this, it was possible to standardize the assembly units and parts. In 1954, the truck The Regent (Regent) was recognized as the most popular truck among shipping companies. In 1969, several years of hard work of the designers resulted in the creation of the new DS 14 engine. With a displacement of 14 liters, this power unit developed a capacity of 350 liters. with. In the 60s of the last century, the company began to expand the geography of production. Factories were opened in the Netherlands and Brazil, and some enterprises in Sweden were bought out for their own component manufacturing. This made it possible to construct a LB 141 truck with a V-shaped 8-cylinder engine capable of delivering 375 “horses”. Thanks to the well-established process of testing machines with new engines, Scania began to produce more equipment with improved performance. In the 80s, trucks began to be assembled on a modular basis. As a result, costs decreased significantly, it became possible to make cars on special orders. At the same time, Scania technology began to acquire modern features. Cars with a gross weight of 16 - 36 tons appeared on the market. The 3rd series went into production, which quickly became very popular. In addition to trucks and buses, the company also produces construction vehicles. Here, much attention is paid to the manufacture of their own components: cabs, motors, drives, rear axles. At the beginning of this century, Scania was already a world famous manufacturer of special equipment and powerful engines. Her cars, especially the “T” series and the “R” that followed, turned out to be extremely popular. Together with Cummins, XPI technology was created - high pressure fuel injection. It is implemented in 620-horsepower 8-cylinder engines with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders. In 2010, the most powerful 730-horsepower engine for trucks was made, after which Scania became the world leader in this category.

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