DREXEL Forklift Truck Tech Manuals PDF

No other warehouse equipment can maximize warehouse storage volume, reduce warehouse costs and at the same time maintain maximum functionality and flexibility, reliability and ease of maintenance, as unique narrow aisle warehouse trucks Drexel Swing Mast, which combine the capabilities of a conventional forklift, reach truck, forklift for side unloading, narrow aisle stacker.


Drexel narrow aisle trucks unload trucks on their own, excellent maneuverability and compact design allow the Drexel loader to easily maneuver inside the truck and stack goods on racks in narrow corridors, in which, besides them, only narrow aisle stackers with three-way handling of goods can work. The minimum width of inter-rack aisles when stacking goods on Drexel forklift racks can be 1.5 meters.

Drexel Narrow Aisle Loaders can work with or without guides in inter-rack corridors.

The unique patented HI-LO adjustable safety system allows Drexel trucks to operate in cold warehouses and freezers with a long service life and low maintenance costs.

The ability to use a variety of attachments extends the range of use of Drexel Narrow Aisle Loaders, and the speed and ease of attachment installation allows the loader to be quickly returned for use in narrow corridors. The maneuverability and compact design make Drexel loaders an excellent tool for handling and stacking goods in production areas that tend to have little space and poor quality flooring.

Drexel loaders can effectively work with racks of various systems: frontal, rammed, gravity.

Drexel loaders are capable of handling long loads.

They can work inside and outside the warehouse. High transport speed and convenient direct location of the driver allow transporting goods outside warehouses over long distances; there is no need for additional equipment for these purposes.

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