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Linde Material Handling GmbH is a German manufacturer of warehouse equipment. Part of Linde AG. The company is headquartered in Aschaffenburg, Germany.


 Germany, is one of the leading manufacturers of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment and holds a leading position in the production of hydraulic components for construction, agricultural and forestry equipment and, of course, the entire range of forklifts under the Linde brand.


The company has several factories around the world, including a plant in the United States.


Today Linde Material Handling is a manufacturer of forklift trucks and warehouse floor transport. The range includes diesel and container loaders, reach trucks, stackers, including narrow aisle, carts. It is noteworthy that all new items of warehouse equipment coming out of the workshops of the enterprise are not only original in their technical solutions, but also set new standards for ergonomics and productivity.

The success of Linde Material Handling in the production of hydraulic components for construction, warehouse, agricultural and forestry equipment should also be noted.

Linde's production of transport and lifting equipment is concentrated in three factories in Germany, factories in England, France and China. The USA manufactures forklifts designed specifically for the American market.

Lineup Linde

Forklifts (diesel, electric, gas, heavy diesel)

Electric stackers and reach trucks

Narrow aisle stackers

Order pickers

Tractors and electric pallets (manual hydraulic and electric)


Loading capacity, kg: 1600 - 2000

Lift height, mm: 2770 - 6470

Operational weight, kg: 3230 - 3815

Equipment type: Electric forklifts

Engine type: Electric, Li-ion battery

Applications: Transport, Stacking, Side loading / unloading

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