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Mitsubishi FG25K Service Manual
Mitsubishi FG25K Service Manual
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Mitsubishi FDG10-35N_FMIT0098-03
Mitsubishi FDG10-35N_FMIT0098-03 (05-11
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Mitsubishi Corporation was founded in 1870 by Itara Iwasaki. The initial direction of the company was shipbuilding. Today Mitsubishi is one of the three largest companies in Japan.


Mitsubishi began to produce loading equipment exclusively for the domestic market. The low cost and high quality of Japanese forklifts made European and American manufacturers take care of protecting their manufacturers. There was no better solution than imposing an embargo on the import of Japanese forklifts at that time. In order to circumvent this ban Mitsubishi begins to cooperate with Sadam Meccanica SpA (now Cesab). In 1989-1990, the production of a 2.5 ton loader was launched. Later, a subsidiary is opened in Almere (Netherlands). Initially as a seller of spare parts for forklift trucks, later as a manufacturer of electric forklift trucks and ICE forklift trucks.


In 1992, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries LTD and the American Caterpillar Industrial INC agree to combine their technological and financial resources into a new company called MHI.


Forklift "Mitsubishi"

The products of the concern, the emblem of which is the shamrock (the combined emblem of the Iwasaki family and the Tosa samurai clan, who founded an enterprise in the Land of the Rising Sun in 1875), are in deserved demand. Now "Mitsubishi" has several corporations in its structure. Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, a member of one of these corporations (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries), is the exclusive supplier of material handling equipment to our country.

Mitsubishi forklift models

This range includes more than 150 models, including:

forklift trucks powered by gas and diesel. Their carrying capacity reaches 16 tons;

electric forklifts, with a lifting capacity of up to 5.5 tons;

warehouse handling equipment. The lifting height of this equipment is up to 11.5 meters and the lifting capacity is up to 2.5 tons.


All products under the Mitsubishi brand are associated with high performance:



reliability in work.

These indicators are united by one capacious expression: "made in Japan." The high quality is confirmed by the warranty period of operation: 6000 hours or 5 years.


Advantages of Mitsubishi forklifts

The brand's products are widely known due to the following factors:

ease of use;

high reliability;

reasonable prices.


model line FD 15-20C:

carrying capacity, kg: 1500 ... 2000;

maximum lifting height, m: 7.

This range includes loaders: FD15 / 18 / 20C NT

Loaders are equipped with:


diesel engine;

wide-view mast;

comfortable modern operator's cabin.

There is an option to shift the center of gravity, which allows you to increase the lifting height of the load


model line FD 20-35NT:

carrying capacity, kg: 2000 ... 3500;

maximum lifting height, m: 7.

This line includes loaders: FD20 / 25/30/35 NT.


Loaders are equipped with:


diesel engine Mitsubishi S4S;

automatic transmission;

integrated IPS presence system. A multistage system blocks all mechanisms in the absence of an operator at the workplace;

comfortable operator's cabin;

model line FD 40-50K:

carrying capacity, kg: 4500 ... 5000;

maximum lifting height, m: 7.

This line includes loaders: FD40K / 40KL / 45K / 50K.

Loaders are equipped with:


two-stage mast;

duplex (2-st.) and triplex (3-st.) masts with free lift (lifting the lifting carriage without extending the second section);

IPS system of presence with a system of blocking mechanisms;

ergonomic operator's seat with touch control panel in the armrest.

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