Hania trucks Service Manuals


Hania cars are produced in China at the Jining factory (full name is Jining China National Commercial Vehicle Group., Ltd). This young company with a full production cycle was created just three years ago. They invested 6 billion dollars in it. The Hania plant is part of CNHTC Corporation, China’s largest producer of heavy trucks, including dump trucks and truck tractors, with a gross weight of 20 to 60 tons. The corporation produces over 100,000 cars annually and exports them to 50 countries. Hania ZZ3255N dump truck looks modern, European. Its cabin is manufactured under license from Scania, as evidenced primarily by the characteristic grille, the shape of the bumper and headlights. However, there are noticeable differences in the design. There are no additional air intakes at the top of the grille. There are no aerodynamic pockets directing the flow of air to the doors to clean them. The doors themselves - with a new stamping pattern - are elongated and cover the upper steps from dirt. So Hania certainly has a distinctive, recognizable look.

The elegant bumper with “foglights” rounded from the bottom fits in the form of a long-distance truck rather than a dump truck. However, this impression is misleading: it is not plastic, but steel and is distinguished by the necessary strength. However, protective grilles on low headlights would probably not hurt. The interior of the cabin matches the exterior. It is modern in design and spacious. The motor tunnel is low. The back is equipped with a sleeping shelf. The driver's seat is adjustable, in particular, according to the angle of inclination of the pillow. The position of the steering column is convenient to change both in depth and in tilt angle.

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