Hania trucks Service Manuals

The history of China National Heavy Truck Co, which manufactures HANIA trucks, began in 1935. Initially, the automobile plant specialized only in the manufacture of auto parts, but then the owners of the company relied on the development and production of economical and reliable cars.

HANIA trucks are suitable for efficient use in a wide variety of climatic zones and adverse road conditions. Since the first HANIA model came off the CNHTC assembly line, the design of these trucks has been constantly improved.

HANIA trucks combine the most advanced technologies of the world's leaders in the automotive industry. At the same time, prices for Chinese trucks are much lower than for European or North American cars of a similar class.

The high durability and reliability of the HANIA series trucks is achieved through the use of the most important components and parts produced at the factories of leading auto concerns.


Diesel engines with a modern air filter are very powerful (from 226 to 375 hp), meet the Euro-3 standard and can significantly save fuel. Depending on the equipment, the Fuller or ZF gearbox can have 9 or 12 steps. The chassis, front and rear axles are manufactured using Steyr technology. HANIA vehicles are equipped with Pirelli tires, which significantly increases its safety and carrying capacity.


The quality and high level of design of all HANIA models allowed them to conquer an audience not only in China, but also in many other countries of the world. HANIA trucks are equipped with a cab that meets the high demands of European consumers. The steering column is adjustable in two projections, the seats are adjusted to the anatomical features of drivers and passengers. The basic configuration of the cabin includes a refrigerator, air conditioning and a DVD player. The floating suspension dampens vibrations and shaking in the cab, even when the truck is driving over rough terrain.

In addition to the trucks themselves, the factories involved in the production of the HANIA series, on the same chassis, produce concrete mixers, vans, fuel trucks, tank trucks and other vehicles for special purposes.

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