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HanseLifter Electric Forklift Brochure
HanseLifter Electric Forklift Brochure
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German forklifts Hanselifter: nomenclature list

Company logo The following loaders are present in the range of this brand.

1. Electrical. Marking - HLE, where the letter "E" indicates that these models belong to the electrical category.

3 support. Marking - HL3ES13, where the number "3" indicates the number of wheels (more precisely, pairs of wheels, that is, strictly speaking, these models have 3 supports, each of which consists of 2 wheels); the combination "S13" describes the carrying capacity (in this case, it is 1,300 kg.)

4 support. Marking - similar to the previous one, except for the number "3". Its absence by default indicates the presence of standard 4 supports (however, they are not quite standard, since they also have 2 wheels in one support).

As the main power source in electric forklifts of this type, traction batteries with a voltage of 48V, standard for this type of loading machines, and a capacity from 500 to 750 Ah, are used.


Application area. Like other electric forklift trucks, Hanselifter machines should be primarily used in closed warehouses, as well as in areas with high environmental standards.


Features of the choice of Hanselifter electric forklifts. It is easy to see that 3-wheeled models are generally designed for lower carrying capacity. Therefore, if the warehouse does not plan to unload cargo weighing more than 2 tons, then it is quite possible to get by with a 3-base option. At the same time, the specified type of loader allows achieving the best indicators of maneuverability, which can be important in warehouses of a branched structure.


Hanselifter 4 wheel trucks have more lifting capacity than their 3 wheel counterparts. Self-propelled vehicles with 4 pairs of wheels with a carrying capacity of 2.5 - 5 tons are available. An additional advantage of this option is also its great stability.


Important details. As you know, one of the most important elements of any electric forklift is the traction battery. And if you look closely at the technical characteristics of 4-wheel electric Hanselifter forklifts, you can see that machines with a carrying capacity of up to a 4-ton model are equipped with batteries with a capacity of 600 Ah.


What does this mean for someone looking to buy a Hanselifter electric forklift? Cost savings. Since the battery itself costs a pretty decent amount, which over time will need to be invested again in its renewal, it turns out that the owner of a more powerful loader, having spent the same funds, wins in the productivity ratio.

2. Hanselifter diesel forklifts are available with 4 and 6 pairs of wheels with a lifting capacity of 1-5 and 5-10 tons, respectively. In this case, the 6-wheel options are all-wheel drive vehicles.

3. Hanselifter LPG trucks are manufactured in the same configuration as diesel models. An exception is the load capacity range of the 6-wheel type, which in this version is limited to 5-7 tons.

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