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Designed in Japan, Nichiyu electric forklifts have a well-earned reputation as one of the most reliable in the world. Nichiyu is the first Japanese manufacturer of electrical equipment with the widest range of forklifts to date.

The Nichiyu FB28 forklift is an electric forklift truck with a lifting capacity of 2750kg. Its working weight is 4400 kg.


Engine power

Forklift Nichiyu FB28

The movement of this Nichiyu forklift is 10 kW, the power of the hydraulic system engine is 12 kW, and the power of the electric booster engine is 0.5 kW. Its standard acid battery has a capacity of 565 Ah and a voltage of 48 V.


The Nichiyu FB28 electric forklift is 1175 mm wide, 2340 mm long and 2110 mm high. The height of the folded lifting mechanism is 1980 mm, the lifting height is 3000 mm, and the free travel is 155 mm.

The load center of this loading equipment is 500 mm, the turning radius is 2060 mm, the working aisle with a pallet of 1200 mm / 800 mm is 3705 mm.

The FB28 electric forklift is a four wheel, four wheel forklift. The ground clearance under the loader is 110 mm. The Nichiyu FB28 forklift has the following performance:


The maximum angle of the overcome slope is 14%.

Lifting speeds are 250 mm / s and 410 mm / s, respectively, with a loaded and unloaded forklift truck.

Travel speed is 13 km / h and 15 km / h, respectively, with a loaded and unloaded forklift truck


The Nichiyu loader model FB28 has the following standard equipment:

charged battery;

adjustable steering column;

AC motors;

Wet brakes;

multifunctional LCD display, with which you can assess the condition of the loading equipment;

comfortable seat equipped with seat belts;

headlights of head lighting;

driver presence system, which guarantees the safety of loading equipment and prevents accidents;

rear view mirrors;

"Soft landing" of the forks guarantees high quality of cargo handling without damaging the cargo itself and the floor covering;

combined rear lights;

IPX3 class water-resistant loading equipment ensures high quality of work even in open areas;

an intelligent system with a self-diagnosis function.


The FB28 forklift has a wide range of additional options, including the ability to install additional attachments, side shift forks, solid tires, fork extension, 3-section or 4-section hydraulic valves, metal cab, laser fork indicator, air conditioner, extended forks. In addition, the equipment has the option of a cold-resistant or explosion-proof design, touch control and semi-automatic cargo handling.


Nichiyu's FB28 material handling equipment has the following advantages:

minimal vibration and noise in the workplace;

the presence of a lifting mechanism that provides a good view of the load;

environmental friendliness;

minimal cost of use;


the possibility of using an electric forklift in poorly ventilated and closed warehouse-type premises;

long period of use;

the comfort of the workplace;

a small turning radius allows the use of an electric forklift in small-sized warehouse-type premises.

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