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Peterbilt (full. Peterbilt Motors Company, Peterildt Motors) is an American company manufacturing medium and heavy trucks. It was founded in 1939. The head office of the company is located in Dayton (Texas), production facilities - in Denton, Madison (Tennessee), St. Teresa (Quebec).

The company was founded in 1939, since 1945 it is part of the PACCAR Corporation. From the early 1960s to the mid-1980s, the center of the firm's operations was Northern California and its head office was in Newark near San Francisco. But in 1986, the Newark plant was closed and in 1993 the head office was moved to Denton. Peterbilt trucks with a gross weight of more than 11.8 tons are reliable and durable, adaptable to various operating conditions. In 2003, the company manufactured 18.6 thousand trucks (in 2002 - 19.5 thousand vehicles).

The Mid-Ranger family, manufactured since 1987, is designed to work in the city. The models of the two popular series 200-30 and 200-33, having a similar design, are distinguished by engine power, load capacity, and equipment. Hood trucks of the T330 series appeared in 1994 and, thanks to their comfortable cab, maneuverability and low weight, have gained popularity. They are equipped with diesel engines of 200-300 hp.

The 377 / A / E Series truck tractors are equipped with a special system that automatically redistributes pressure between the rear and front wheels when the tractor goes without a semi-trailer. In 1995, Peterbilt introduced the 385 Series, which was developed using computer and the so-called “layered” modeling.

In 1995, the modernization of the 320-series bonnet (4x2 / 6x4) was completed, consisting of two- and three-axle chassis designed for the manufacture of special construction and utility vehicles on their basis. Cummins and Caterpillar diesel engines with a capacity of 210-335 hp are mounted on the chassis, which can be enclosed in a soundproof casing.

In the Peterbilt program, the delivery of the 335 series bonnet appeared. At the same time, production of the 270 series bonnetless vehicles was discontinued. In May 2004, the 335 series replaced the 330 series. The 335 series includes two- and three-axle trucks with a gross weight of 11, 8-25 , 4 t for the city and suburbs. Depending on the total weight, the buyer can choose a Cummins ISC diesel with a power of 225-315 hp. or Caterpillar C7 (190-300 hp).

Hood trucks of the 357 series with 4x2, 6x4 and 8x4 wheel formulas are not intended for long-distance transportation and are used in construction, oil fields, and in the mining industry. They are equipped with a short cab with a distance from the edge of the front bumper to the rear wall of the cab 2, 8-3, 1 m. Cars are equipped with Cummins diesel engines of the ISC, ISL, ISM, ISX series (215-565 hp) and Caterpillar C10, C12, C15, C16 (305-600 hp), Fuller and Meritor manual gearboxes with the number of stages from 9 to 18.

362 series cabless, fifth wheel, two-, three-axle tractors (4x2 and 6x4) are in demand by individual drivers. In the basic version, the trucks are equipped with Caterpillar C10 or C12 diesel engines with a capacity of 305-335 and 355-430 hp. respectively. Transmissions are only mechanical 9- and 18-speed.

The 378 series includes mainly bonnet truck tractors with 4x2 and 6x4 wheel formulas for operation as a part of road trains with a gross weight of 72.6 t, as well as single chassis for dump trucks with a gross weight of up to 33.5 t. Cummins ISM, ISX engines are used on trucks (330 -565 hp) and Caterpillar C10, C12, C15, C16 with a power of 305-600 hp, mechanical 9- and 18-speed Fuller or Meritor gearboxes, mechanical 10- and 18-speed Fuller with automatic shift or 4- and 6-speed automatic Allison.

The classic 379 Series bonnet truck for long haul transport was created in the 1960s and modernized in 1990. They have a wide selection of power units: Cummins ISC, ISL, ISM, ISX diesel engines with a power of 225-565 hp and Caterpillar models C10, C12, C15 (305-525 hp) and gearboxes with the number of stages from 5 to 18. The 379 series cars have a streamlined aluminum cab with an inclined wedge-shaped hood. The trucks are offered in single versions 4x2 with a gross weight of 14, 5-19, 0 t and 6x4 (23, 6-29, 3 t), as well as a truck tractor version for operation as part of a road train with a gross weight of up to 86, 2 t.

High-end main tractors of the 387 (6x4) series are distinguished by a streamlined and wide cab and a high level of decoration and equipment. The cabin is characterized by a smooth transition from the sidewalls to the walls of the sleeping compartment. The total mass of tractors reaches 23.6 tons, road trains - 56.7 tons. They use Cummins ISM, ISX (330-565 hp) and Caterpillar C12, C15 (355-525 hp) diesel engines, as well mechanical 9- and 18-speed gearboxes.

In 2008, the company in the production of tractors began to use hybrid power plants designed and manufactured by Eaton Corporation

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    Steve winn (Tuesday, 13 September 2022 13:40)

    Looking for a cabin chassis wire diagram for a 1993 peterbilt 36.

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    2013 386 with isx engine looking for wiring diagrams for firewall cannon plugs also chassis harness or is there program or manual i can buy for my unit vin is 1XPHD49X2DD199788 ay help thanks.

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    diagrama cabina

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