MANITOU Forklift Truck Manuals PDF

The history of the Manitou company dates back to 1958. It was during this period that Manitou Marsel, the founder of the company, presented the world with his first invention, the design of which consisted of a lifting mast and an agricultural tractor. It was a Manitou off-road loader. For 20 years it was the only one, but very popular model. Today the family includes more than 320 models of loading machines, which include absolutely unique machines that have no analogues in the whole world.


The technique is often used in the mining industry, agriculture, trade, and industry. The machines have compact dimensions, increased maneuverability, the ability to deliver cargo to different heights not only by vertical method, but also by horizontal one. This significantly expands the range of applications, and also makes the model range more in demand than that of competitive companies.

Today, the company's catalog contains products of the following categories: telescopic loaders;

mini loaders;

frontal models;

fork; mast;

backhoe loaders;

scissor lifts.

The concern has opened 24 branches in 120 countries at different times. There are more than 600 points of sale on all continents, and even more service companies. According to the data provided by the company, in 2012 the consolidated turnover of Manitou amounted to more than 1,300 million euros. These indicators raise the brand to a leading position. Separately, it should be noted that the Manitou Group includes the following brands: Manitou; LOC; Gehl; Edge; Mustang. The technique is produced at 8 sites. Telescopic and forklift trucks are considered the most in demand from the entire equipment catalog. Diesel, gas-petrol and electric models are produced under this brand. The main distinguishing feature of the models is the increased maneuverability and simplicity in the device.


The Manitou ME 315 forklift is one of the smallest models in the ME electric forklift range. The machine is capable of lifting a load weighing 1.5 kg to a height of 6.5 meters. Compact size and light weight make the model an excellent assistant in maintenance, for example, warehouse and industrial premises. This forklift is perfect for delicate transport in narrow aisles.

Since the main area of operation of ME 315 is enclosed spaces, the French engineers of Manitou have tried to adapt the design of the loader to them as much as possible. The three-wheel support allows the model to maneuver perfectly in tight spaces. Moreover, its turning radius is about 1.4 meters. The loader is driven by a battery and an electric motor. The battery is considered the safest source of energy in comparison, for example, with a diesel engine. In addition to the absence of harmful vapors, the Manitou ME 315 loader has a low noise level (less than 70 dB), which makes it comfortable for people around.


The Manitou MC 25-4 All Terrain Forklift Truck is designed by French engineers to tackle the toughest jobs! The design of this model allows the loader to move in difficult road conditions, for example, on uneven and inclined surfaces, slippery and loose soils.

The Kubota diesel engine allows this forklift to reach speeds of up to 25 km / h. The Manitou MC 25-4 has wide-spaced wheels and large-diameter pneumatic tires with treads for reliable traction. All-wheel drive with four-wheel steering and independent suspension enhances off-road performance and maneuverability.

The technical characteristics of the forklift truck Manitou MC 25-4 are also excellent. The model is designed to work with loads weighing up to 2.5 tons at a height of up to 6 meters. The structure of the model is reinforced, has good stability, wide visibility. This forklift has a smooth handling and a decent safety system.

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