Nissan Truck Service Manuals Wiring Diagrams

Nissan Atlas, Condor 1984-1996 Service Repair Manual
Nissan Atlas, Condor 1984-1996 Service Repair Manual
Nissan Atlas, Condor 1984-1996 Service R
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Nissan Forklift 1F1, 1F2 Series Operator's Manuals
Nissan Forklift 1F1, 1F2 Series Operator's Manuals
Nissan Forklift 1F1, 1F2 Series Operator
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Nissan Engine PF-series (PF6TB and PF6TC) Service Manual
Nissan Engine PF-series (PF6TB and PF6TC) Service Manual
Nissan Engine PF-series (PF6TB and PF6TC
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Nissan UD Trucks (2011-2013) Owner's Manual
Nissan UD Trucks (2011-2013) Owner's Manual
Nissan UD Trucks (2011-2013) Owner's Man
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Nissan Company - The story goes back to the Kaishinsha Automotive Manufacturing Company founded by Matsuhiro Hashimoto (Azabu District) in Tokyo in 1911. December 26, 1933 is considered the date of the creation of Jidosha Seizo Kabushiki Gaisha (car manufacturing), which directed all its efforts and capabilities to the development and production of Datsun cars that took over from Tobata Casting in June 1934. The company was later renamed Nissan Motor Co ., Ltd. The founder of the company is Yoshisuke AIKAWA.

  In 1935, the Yokohama Plant was launched and is considered Japan's first mass-produced automobile plant. This day was marked by the release of the first Datsun 14.

The fourth manufacturer of commercial vehicles in the Land of the Rising Sun is noticeably inferior to competitors in terms of production quantity, and is no different in quality.

  The company was originally called Nihon Diesel Industries, Ltd and specialized in the production of diesel trucks. The first export deliveries of trucks began already in 1951 under the Minsei brand. The UD - Uniflow Diesel brand initially only dealt with diesel engines, but then expanded to trucks. In the 1960s, the Prince brand was also used for vans and pickups.


In the early 1970s, heavy Nissan Diesel vehicles were sold in New Zealand under the GM brand name.

New Nissan Cabstar NT400 series with double cab, made in China.

  Now the former truck division of Nissan Diesel has an extensive program of cabover trucks of all classes. But there are also differences. So, UD (an abbreviation for Uniflow Diesel, which has become the official name of the company since 2010) no longer produces complete buses, but has expanded the range of heavy crane chassis. In addition, UD has a stronger division into trucks for the domestic and foreign markets. For example, unlike its rival fellow countrymen, UD continued to produce bonnet four-wheel drive models for the Middle East and African markets until the end of the century (TFA 4x4, TZA 6x6).

  There is one more serious difference - the position in the countries of Western Europe. Unlike other Japanese companies, Nissan Diesel created advantages for itself by simply buying a European manufacturer. The Spanish company Motor Iberica produced simple cabover cars under the Ebro brand. In 1983, the Japanese bought it out and acquired five factories. On this basis, a new family of Nissan Cabstar was created, significantly different from their Japanese counterparts.

 Like others, Nissan Diesel has several assembly plants in Asia, is represented in the USA (small and medium class cars, analogues of the Atlas and Condor series) and Australia (heavy class cars, Quon analogues). In 1999, part of the shares was bought by Renault Trucks. Its new owner, Volvo, in turn became a full-fledged owner. Under the leadership of the new owner a few years ago, UD developed a new series of heavy export vehicles, the Quester, which is produced in a Thai factory. And since 1996, it has a large joint venture with the Chinese Dongfeng, where many heavy models and diesel engines are assembled.

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