NOBLELIFT Forklift Truck Manuals PDF

Colorful, bright forklifts from the Chinese manufacturer Noblelift cannot fail to attract attention with their non-standard appearance. The wide range of forklifts offers an interesting selection of a wide variety of machines designed to perform a wide variety of tasks. Undoubtedly, one cannot do without such an assistant in the life of a warehouse today!


Features of Noblelift Forklift Trucks

Undoubtedly, the Chinese manufacturer has made a lot of efforts to satisfy any consumer demand. The Noblelift range of forklift trucks is represented by an impressive variety of models with significant differences.


Carrying capacity. The peculiarity of Chinese forklift trucks, first of all, is that they are designed to transport a wide variety of products. The lifting capacity range of Noblelift forklifts is amazing: the machines can easily handle both small items of 800 kg and impressive loads of 5000 kg!


Wheels. For the greatest comfort in carrying out tasks for lifting and transporting goods, Chinese manufacturers have taken care of the wheels of the machines. Noblelift forklifts can be equipped with either four wheels for greater stability or three for better maneuverability.


Type of drive. The four-wheel Noblelift forklift trucks are designed for the transport of heavy goods and are front-wheel drive. Loaders equipped with three wheels can be equipped with both front and rear wheel drive. The latest design solution makes the model much lighter and more compact.


Engine. All types of Noblelift forklifts are equipped with rechargeable batteries. This type of engine makes the operation of Chinese forklift trucks completely safe in confined spaces.


Types of Forklift Noblelift

Conventionally, the line of Noblelift forklifts can be divided into several groups: super compact, traditional tricycle and heavyweight.


The super compact forklift trucks from the Chinese manufacturer are the FE3R-N series and are specially designed to meet the needs and demands of warehouse space. The miniature three-wheel loader is designed for the transportation of small loads. For example, the Noblelift FE3 R08N model is capable of withstanding a weight of up to 8 tons and lifting loads to a height of 4 meters. Taking into account the limited space on storage areas, narrow aisles and constantly scurrying personnel around the premises, the super-compact forklift will become an indispensable assistant in organizing a storage system and handling goods. Such a car can easily pass into small aisles and be quietly placed in elevators.


The FE3R-16N and FE3-DN series compact forklift trucks are often used in warehouses for medium-heavy lifting. The FE3R-16N model is capable of withstanding goods weighing up to 1600 kg to a height of 6000 mm. At the same time, the rear-wheel drive allows the model to be extremely compact and demonstrate high maneuverability. Special equipment of the FE3-DN series is equipped with front-wheel drive. A special double wheel located on the rear axles of the machine provides the operator with confident maneuvering and smooth turns even in the narrowest of spaces. The FE3-DN series forklifts are capable of lifting heavier loads than their FE3R series counterparts. For example, the FE3-D20N model is able to withstand a weight of up to 2000 kg and understand the goods up to a height of 6000 mm.


Both series are equipped with special non-marking tires and high ground clearance. These machines feel confident on slopes and will perfectly cope with intensive work with loads, even in the most confined spaces!


The large forklift trucks of the FE4P-N series are designed for handling heavy goods. Special vehicles have a wide range of carrying capacity and are able to successfully cope with both small objects up to 1600 kg and withstand a truly colossal load. The FE4P-50N model can carry goods weighing up to 5000 kg! All loaders in this series have the ability to perform tasks not only indoors, but also in open spaces. High ground clearance, reliable wheels with durable rubber, the ability to maintain stability and overcome slopes - makes this series of Noblelift forklifts truly indispensable helpers.

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