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AEC Matador Truck Driver's Manual PDF.pdf
AEC Matador Truck Driver's Manual PDF.pdf
AEC Matador Truck Driver's Manual PDF.pd
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AEC Matador Simple Driving Maintenance Manual.pdf
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Nowadays, few people remember about the Czech car brand Aec. However, a quarter of a century ago, these trucks were massively exploited. From the early 1980s to the early 1990s, the Soviet Union imported thousands of them every year. With the collapse of the world socialist system in the early 90s, the supply of Aec stopped. Aed returned to the market many years later - in 2010. Despite fierce competition, Czech trucks were well received by consumers and their number began to grow on the roads. Alas, the second coming of Aec was short-lived. In 2013, the Indian company Ashok Leyland Motors, which owned the Aec plant since 2006, decided to close the plant in Prague and move production to India. Thus, in the history of the Czech Republic with its rich automotive traditions and well-known brands - LIAZ, Praga, Aero, Walter, Wikov, etc., another page called Avia was closed.

 A few months ago, the Czech holding Czechoslovak Group (CSG), owned by the arms manufacturer Jaroslav Strnad, bought Aec assets from the Indians. The acquisition of Aec is a continuation of the CSG holding's strategy of investing in traditional Czechoslovakian industries. Today Strnad owns 22 factories, including the famous Tatra.

 The historic deal took place on the eve of Aec anniversary. In 2019, the oldest Czech brand will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

 The history of the creation of Aec A31

The Aec A31 truck was created in 1983, equipped with an economical and reliable diesel power unit. In the domestic market, this model has gained significant popularity due to its ease of operation, high carrying capacity for its dimensions and an affordable price. In the USSR, samples of the 30th series appeared, including the Aec A31 ZOS1010 truck, which was a special vehicle similar to a radio van. Also, the popularity of this technique is due to its reliability, careful control of the manufacturer and optimal adjustment of all working systems. The mileage before the overhaul was 150 thousand kilometers, and the design features are designed for three general repairs


The Aec 31 truck at one time had a rather modern look. It is equipped with a small round cab without a hood with wide glazing. The position of the steering wheel is as close as possible to horizontal fixation, which allows you to consider all the nuances of the dashboard and torpedo. In the lower right part there is a spacious shelf for various types of household appliances.

To get to the motor is really only through the cockpit. If you recline the seat, you can see a diesel engine with 4 cylinders with a working volume of 3.6 liters. the engine runs noisily but confidently. The main purpose of the truck is not high-speed races, but the ability to deliver up to 4 tons of cargo on any terrain without interruptions in work.

The interior is pretty basic. The steering wheel is not dressed in leather, the dashboard is made of multi-colored plastic without any wood-like inserts. All switches and devices are conveniently located, you do not need to reach for them, which does not distract the driver while driving. The driver's seat has a minimum number of adjustments, simple equipment, but quite convenient for landing and control. The car fell in love with Soviet drivers for its efficiency and good traction. For a hundred kilometers, even laden vehicles required no more than 12 liters of diesel fuel.

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