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Forklift trucks Case - the world's largest manufacturer of a wide range of special equipment, are used when carrying out the loading and unloading cycle in warehouses, on the territories of production workshops of industrial enterprises, in seaports, cargo terminals and railway yards. High maneuverability, productivity and cross-country ability of Case forklift trucks allow them to operate in various conditions and types of terrain, including off-road and unequipped open areas.

This type of hoisting-and-transport machines traditionally occupies a leading place in the niche of warehouse and hoisting equipment. Enterprises of various directions of activity tend to buy Case forklifts, since they can be used to lift, move, load / unload and store both packed goods (in containers, on pallets) and in bulk.


General description of Case forklift trucks


Hoisting-and-transport machines with attachments in the form of pallet forks are capable of moving loads weighing up to 7 tons and lifting them to a height of 4.5 meters. The model range of the American manufacturer includes Case G and H series forklifts. The new models 586H and 588H are especially popular.

To buy a Case forklift in Moscow means that it will get equipment with the following design features in its special park:

- high lifting speed (0.54 m / s);

- spacious working platform;

- zero level of rear overhang;

- an environmentally friendly diesel engine with a particulate filter;

- carriages and forks of ITA Class 3 standard.

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