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Shandong Shantui Construction Machinery Co, Ltd. (™: SHANTUI, pronounced: Shantui or Shantui) is a Chinese engineering company, formed in 1980, and is headquartered in Jining City, Shandong Province, China.


Forklift trucks

Shandong Shantui Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 2000 in Jining, China. This enterprise was created specifically for the development and production of forklift trucks with a lifting capacity of 1.5 to 25 tons operating on diesel and gasoline fuel, as well as electric forklifts with a lifting capacity of 1.5 to 3.0 tons.

SHANTUI forklifts belong to the category of reliable, productive and multifunctional special equipment, optimally adapted to natural and climatic conditions. The high level of consumer demand for forklifts is explained by the fact that they are manufactured in accordance with modern technologies and have excellent technical equipment.


Key Features of SHANTUI SF50 Forklift Trucks:

The unladen weight of this loader is 8,138 kg, but at the same time it is able to lift loads weighing 5 tons effortlessly. This performance is provided by the powerful Xinchai CY6102BG diesel engine. The engine power is 81 kW, the rotational speed is 2500 rpm.

This model boasts excellent driving characteristics. It is equally capable of moving both forward and backward, has a small turning radius, is able to overcome sections of the path on an incline, as well as uneven sections of the path. The wheelbase is equipped with imported pneumatic tires.

The electro-hydraulic transmission provides excellent controllability and precision of the operations performed.

The main working tool is a lifting boom equipped with forks, capable of lifting loads to a height of up to 3030 m. Other types of attachments can also act as additional options: bucket, jaw grabs, etc.

The operator's cab meets all the required standards for safe and comfortable work. Equipped with air conditioning and heating system, hermetically closed. Thanks to this, this loader can be used for work during winter cold, as well as in regions with unfavorable climatic conditions.

Forklifts SHANTUI SF50 are distinguished by a high degree of safety when performing loading and unloading operations, as well as guaranteed assembly quality and imported components and materials. Simple and unpretentious in service and repair.

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