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JLG High Capacity Telehandlers Brochure
JLG High Capacity Telehandlers Brochure
JLG High Capacity Telehandlers Brochure.
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JLG Industries, Inc. (USA) is an international public industrial company, which includes a number of subsidiaries, and which, in turn, is a subsidiary of the Oshkosh Corporation. Oshkosh Corporation in 2017 took 15th place (in 2016 - 11) in the ranking of the world's largest manufacturers of construction equipment.

The American company JLG, founded in 1969, is the flagship of the global lifting equipment market. Today JLG is one of the leading manufacturers of scissor lifts, articulated booms, telescopic scaffolds, mast hoists and telescopic handlers in the world.


JLG Products

Articulated boom lifts

From seven different series of JLG articulated boom lifts, with lift heights up to 45.72 m, you can choose the model that suits your needs.


Models equipped with an upper boom section will provide increased maneuverability and positioning accuracy of the work platform, thereby giving you the opportunity to work in hard-to-reach places.


Articulated boom models:


Platform height:

10.33 m

Horizontal reach:

6.06 m

Working height:

12.33 m

Machine width:

1.93 m

The 340AJ articulated boom boom has all the features you need. The robust design and proven lift systems ensure ease of maintenance and efficient fleet management, which will positively impact your company's bottom line thanks to its reliability and versatility.


Telescopic lifts

Choice of five serial modifications with platform heights from 12.192 m to 56.38 m and platform lifting capacity up to 454 kg.


If necessary, you can equip your lift with a 4x4x4 wheel arrangement and an oscillating axle.



400 Series Crawler Boom Lift

Platform height:

12.05 m

Horizontal reach:

10 m

Working height:

14.05 m

Machine width:

2.24 m

The 400 Series Crawler Boom Hoists provide high productivity and flotation.

The 400 Series provides the fastest platform lift in its class and the fastest travel speeds.

Electric and hybrid lifts

JLG's electric and hybrid range of lifts are eco-friendly, energy efficient and high performing. JLG offers a wide range of electric powered lifts to efficiently tackle any challenge in all jobs without any emissions.

Compact track lifts

Minimum overall chassis width allows easy movement through standard doorways

The slewing ring with 361 ° rotation improves the positioning accuracy of the boom equipment.





Platform height:

11.80 m

Machine width:

0.79 m

Platform lifting capacity:

120 kg


New X15J Plus

Platform height:

13.30 m

Machine width:

0.74 m



JLG Lifts

JLG has been designing and manufacturing elevators for over 40 years. The manufacturer prides itself on its technical achievements and innovations. The result of the company's commitment to taking into account the wishes and needs of its customers is a first-class range of products, which in every respect are adapted to constantly meet new requirements in an ever-changing world. In addition, the manufacturer attaches great importance to the aesthetic qualities of equipment and cares about its environmental friendliness. Ergonomics of the design is also very important, which provides convenience and confidence in working with the machine - everything is under the control of the operator. In addition, the products are durable and reliable. JLG quality is unparalleled, new equipment is provided with a full one-year warranty (after that, a five-year warranty on structural elements is valid).


Boom lifts

JLG boom lifts are equipped with powerful and durable booms that make the machine easier to operate. JLG lifts can be optionally equipped with all-wheel drive, oscillating axles and all-wheel steering for increased maneuverability, mobility and gradeability. The articulated boom lift is the most versatile machine in the JLG range. They are ideal for work at heights where access to the desired location is obstructed by various obstacles that seriously interfere with straight boom lifts.


Scissor lifts

The machines in the JLG scissor lift range are designed for jobs that require less space and reach than more space and lifting capacity. The scissor lift platform is a spacious work platform that also allows you to lift heavy loads such as large cladding panels. While platform dimensions, lifting capacity and lifting height are the most important qualities for this type of machine, there are also things to consider such as the availability of a power source, ground conditions and maneuverability.


Mast lifts

The JLG Toucan ™ mast lift is a very special vertical lift. The platform only lifts vertically, but at the base of the mast there is a rotation mechanism of more than 340 °, which allows the platform to be positioned as accurately as possible. There is also a gooseneck at the top of the mast that provides additional horizontal working area. Overall, it is one of the most versatile lifts, with a compact body, extremely maneuverable, even in confined spaces. This is a truly versatile lift for a wide variety of work in industrial plants and trade.


JLG telescopic handlers

JLG telescopic handlers are flexible and can handle a wide range of tasks in a wide variety of applications, often making more specialized machines redundant. The JLG range of telehandlers embodies an unrivaled combination of JLG excellence, proven design methods and the latest, proven technology. A wide range of attachments makes our loaders even more versatile. Operators in industries as diverse as construction, utilities and agriculture are sure to find the JLG range that is the most efficient solution for them.


PS series

The PS series is replete with a variety of technical innovations to help reduce operator fatigue and improve convenience, simplicity and safety. The new levels of handling and comfort are also entirely conducive to increased productivity and make work less stressful. In addition, low-maintenance components and on-board diagnostics help you to spend even more time working with significantly less downtime. Lift heights from 7.9 m to a full 17 m, while maintaining precision and control over the entire working range.


Compact Series

The Compact and Super Compact telehandlers are designed with many technical innovations to help reduce operator fatigue and improve ease of use and safety. The new levels of handling and comfort are also entirely conducive to increased productivity and make work less stressful. Nearly maintenance-free components also help you get even more work done with significantly less downtime. JLG compact telehandlers are ideal for a wide variety of jobs in construction and agriculture.

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