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BX Series brochure
BX Series brochure
BX Series brochure_watermark.pdf
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UniCarriers SS-BXC 08-2019
UniCarriers SS-BXC 08-2019
SS-BXC 08-2019_watermark.pdf
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UniCarriers Forklift 1f1-1f2 Operator Manual
UniCarriers Forklift 1f1-1f2 Operator Manual
UniCarriers Forklift 1f1-1f2 Operator Ma
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UniCarriers FG20 Series Operation & Maintenance Manual
UniCarriers FG20 Series Operation & Maintenance Manual
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UniCarriers are true Japanese forklifts, these trucks are manufactured at Mitsubishi Logisnext's Shiga plant and these trucks are not made in China.


UniCarriers are the famous Nissan forklifts previously produced by Nissan Forklift, the same construction and the same design. UniCarriers are the only Japanese forklifts that consist of exclusively Japanese-made assemblies. In addition, these trucks are built to automotive standards (rather than industry standards like most forklift trucks) and were built with the help of Nissan designers.


Production of the 1F series loaders began in September 2007 and continues to this day. This forklift truck features high reliability, performance, low pollution and low life cycle costs. The 1F Series forklift trucks have performed excellently in heavy-duty applications, including 3-shift operation.


Advantages of Unicarriers

Environmental friendliness

The 1F series forklift is designed for minimal pollution and a comfortable working environment for the driver. To ensure high efficiency and low emissions, advanced technologies are used, such as the unique low-noise diesel engines S4Q2 (developed by Mitsubishi Motor) and QD32 (developed by Nissan Motor), and automobile gasoline engines K15, K21, K25 (developed by Nissan Motor), which can operate on liquefied gas (LPG).


Gasoline engines manufactured by Nissan Motor of the K15, K21, K25 models (later the production of these engines became part of the UniCarriers Corporation, and then into the Mitsubishi Logisnext), one of the best in the world in terms of environmental friendliness and reliability, which is why these engines are installed on their products by the largest forklift manufacturers whose products are known in Russia by the brands Komatsu, Jungheinrich, Mitsubishi, TSM.

The S4Q2 diesel engine, developed by the Mitsubishi concern, is considered one of the best in the world; innovative developments in the field of motor engineering, which are well ahead of their time, have been applied in it. The most modern technologies, world-class advanced experience, impeccable workmanship and assembly, comprehensive testing of each unit produced, are the basis of motors, their reliability and durability. The S4Q2 diesel engine is capable of operating in the most extreme conditions, at critically low temperatures, has low fuel consumption, compliance with the most stringent environmental parameters, unpretentiousness and a long overhaul period, which is especially important for Russian operating conditions.

Reduced operating costs

During the development of the 1F series, the emphasis was placed on the costs associated with the operation of the truck - fuel, maintenance costs, operating costs. The engines have been redesigned to provide better performance and lower fuel consumption for UniCarriers. The exceptional reliability of these forklifts minimizes downtime and overall costs; the loader is equipped with a self-diagnosis system and is easy to maintain.


Safety and comfort

The UniCarriers forklift is equipped with an exclusive steering stability system.


Operator fatigue is reduced with a comfortable environment, a comfortable lateral support driver's seat and a specially designed forklift designed to reduce noise and vibration.


A new multifunctional instrument cluster with display, a spacious cab, a fully cushioned driver's seat as standard, conveniently positioned controls and excellent handling all combine to provide the driver with a comfortable working environment during the work shift.

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