BENDI Forklift Truck Tech Manuals PDF

The history of the Bendi company dates back to 1960. It was then that simple engineer Fred Brown designed the first order picker that allowed the operator to change pallets and stay close to the load as it was lifted to a height. And to solve the problem associated with the placement of goods in the warehouse, Fred Brown invented and patented the articulated loader.

Today Bendi narrow aisle forklifts are manufactured by the American company Landoll Corporation. At the moment, the plant is operating at full capacity: three lines for assembling machines have been supplied, two stations are provided for testing absolutely all loader systems, which exclude the possibility of defects, as well as a rollover test.


The enterprise produces 100 pieces of equipment of two types per day:

electric stacker trucks;

gas stackers.

Bendi stacker loaders combine several qualities of various loading equipment: it has the functions of counterbalanced forklifts; stacking height can be compared with reach trucks; are able to work in a narrow aisle, like a narrow aisle stackers.


Stacker in operation: Bendi lift trucks are capable of lifting loads to a height of 12 m, lifting capacity can reach 2.5 tons, and thanks to the articulated structure, the lifting mast can be rotated 180 °. This design allows work with the load in three directions, and the minimum passage width can be 2 meters.


Model range of stacker trucks:

Electric three-wheel loader В3 / 30АС;

Electric four-wheel loader В30АС;

Gas four-wheel loader B40i3;

Electric four-wheel loader В40АС;

Electric four-wheel loader В40VАС;

Electric four-wheel loader В55АС;

Electric four-support (high-altitude) loader В55АС-HL;

The popularity of forklifts in our country is due to several factors:


Convenient work in warehouses of class "A", "B", "C".

Possibility to increase the capacity of warehouses by about 25%.

Safe and easy to operate.

Low maintenance costs.

Bendi has ANSI B56.1 and ISO 9001 certifications. Only high-quality materials are used for the manufacture of equipment, and thanks to the use of modern technologies, high reliability is ensured. Forklift stackers of this company are practically unparalleled.

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