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AGCO Allis 512 Gear-series Operator's Manual
AGCO Allis 512 Gear-series Operator's Manual
AGCO Allis 512 Gear-series Operator's Ma
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AGCO Allis 1300 Series FrontCut Operator's Manual
AGCO Allis 1300 Series FrontCut Operator's Manual
AGCO Allis 1300 Series FrontCut Operator
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AGCO Allis 1700 Series Parts Manual
AGCO Allis 1700 Series Parts Manual
AGCO Allis 1700 Series Parts Manual_comp
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AGCO Allis 1900 Series Parts Manual
AGCO Allis 1900 Series Parts Manual
AGCO Allis 1900 Series Parts Manual_comp
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AGCO Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as spare parts.

 The company was founded in 1990 on the basis of Deutz Allis, which emerged from the West German firm KHD. At the same time, the production and sale of agricultural machinery began in North America. In 1988, Robert Ratliffe, who had over thirty years of experience in the production of trucks, tires and agricultural equipment, took over as President and CEO of Deutz-Allis, the agricultural machinery division of the Allis-Chalmers concern, which was then owned by KHD. He managed to convince the management, and primarily John Shumade, who served as President and Senior Executive Director of AGCO, of the need to buy out Deutz-Allis assets, and in 1990 a new but promising player appeared on the world market - AGCO Corporation.


The corporation was originally called the Gleaner-Allis Corporation, but then it was renamed the Allis-Gleaner Corporation or AGCO. Since the beginning of the 90s. the corporation becomes an active participant in the restructuring of the global agricultural engineering industry. In 1991 it acquired half of the shares in the Heston hay and forage harvester plant.

Under Ratliffe's leadership, AGCO has grown into a multinational corporation that manufactures and markets equipment under 15 brands. Rapid growth and multi-brand strategy have paid off. More and more companies joined AGCO, some of which had cumulative experience in the production of agricultural machinery for more than 1000 years. Massey Ferguson alone, which has been part of the corporation since 1995, has more than 5 million manufactured tractors on its account. And one of the brightest representatives of the engineering "brain" of this company, Harry Ferguson, at one time developed the revolutionary principle of three-point suspension, which allowed the tractor and attached equipment to move across the field as a whole. 



MF 6713

Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor with 130 hp engine from. Is the result of the largest engineering project in the history of AGCO. The MF6713 is a generation of medium power and high quality tractors for reliable assistance in challenging work.


MF 7700 S MF 7720 S | MF 7722 S | MF 7724 S | MF 7726 S

The MF 7700S Series is specially designed for customers looking for a high-performance tractor with excellent traction and maneuverability, capable of efficiently working with a variety of attachments.

The superior qualities of this range of tractors can be an advantage for owners of large livestock and agricultural farms and contractors.


MF 7700 MF 7715 MF 7718

Massey Ferguson 7700 Series tractors are designed based on innovative AGCO standards.

Combining innovative technologies with simple and reliable designs, these machines increase productivity, save fuel and reduce emissions. The Massey Ferguson 7700 series includes 2 models from 150 to 175 hp. Optimum tractor power allows you to do any job in its segment.

The latest AGCO POWER stage 3 second generation engines deliver uncompromising peak performance.

Cleaner, more advanced technology, superior fuel economy, lower emissions and exceptional performance without compromising your business or the environment. By investing less, you will get more.

The MF 7700 family has been redesigned and updated with more spacious cabs and better visibility.


MF 8700 S MF 8732 S | MF 8737 S

The new MF 8700 S raises the bar even higher. AGCO Power engines up to 370 hp from. deliver impressive traction while delivering industry-leading power-to-weight ratios, reducing ground pressure, increasing operator safety and comfort, while the extensive line of precision farming tools controlled from the 9 "touchscreen of the latest Datatronic 5 terminal allows even more increase the productivity of the farmer.

The new MF 8700 S series is aimed at consumers looking for a powerful precision farming tractor with a sleek design and optimized efficiency.

Continuing the unique tradition in the Silk-Gospodar machine-building, the AGCO corporation is expanding the Silk-Gospodar technology for advanced and professional farmers in the United States. And the original spare parts for your AGCO technology are the right vibe. Hiba can be risikuvati, vicoristovuchi non-original spare parts for cars, how can such a high customization be supplied?


AGCO Parts

We were prepared for the original specification, the given spare parts passed all the necessary vip tests;

Ideally go for the first time, without a blame;

Miracle of sp_vv_dnoshennya price / quality;

Bezbechuyut high productivity by stretching the whole fate;

Effectively zapobіgayut expensive car breakdowns, inconveniences, and also reduce trauma;

Designed for the uncomfortable minds of exploitation (grabbed by AGCO engineers);

Be covered by a 12-month guarantee *, including the robot when installed in the AMACO service center;

The original hologram of AGCO has been stolen from the boxes.

We offer the widest range of original spare parts from AGCO Parts for Challenger, Massey Ferguson and Fendt equipment, as well as highly professional consulting and technical support for all products, released by the AGCO corporation.

The name does not extend to the slope and vitrate components.


AGCO Parts:

A number of original spare parts, designed in such a rank, are ideally suited to any AGCO technology.

A wide range of accessories, specially broken down in order to increase your equipment and improve your productivity.

Adjustment of the optimum productivity and integrity of the machine.

The quality of the premium class will ensure the reliability of exploitation in any minds of a robot.

3.5 million new spare parts

1.8 billion dollars in the distribution of the completed inventory for the whole world

10 mln. Wicked offenders donated to the global market

10 yew. new items of delivery


The history of the company

AGCO corporation is a wyrobnik and distributor of agricultural technology and equipment, as well as spare parts.


The Bula company was founded in 1990 on the basis of Deutz Allis, which came to the warehouse of the old KHD company. Todi were honored with the sales and production of industrial equipment in Pivnichniy America. In 1988, it may have been more than thirty days in the field of automotive production of vintage cars, tires and the national administration Robert Ratlif took over the post of president and vice-director of the company Deutz-Allis, who was the director of the company Deutz-Allis. You could see the management, and in the first place of John Shumeid, who took over the post of President and Senior Vice-Director of AGCO, in need of the assets of Deutz-Allis, and in 1990, a new corporation appeared on the global market, ally AGCO.


A small group of corporations is called Gleaner-Allis Corporation, but also renamed to Allis-Gleaner Corporation or AGCO. On the cob of the 90s, pp. The corporation has become an active participant in the process of restructuring the light agricultural machinery and equipment. U 1991 p. she will buy half of the shares for the plant from the “Heston” company.


As a result of the rating of the Ratlif, AGCO transformed itself into a transnational corporation, which virobly and sells technology with 15 brands. The strategy of growth and strategy yielded results for the "multi-brand". All new and new companies have come to AGCO, people from Mali, from some Mali, from a wide range of domestic cars more than 1000 years old. One only company Massey Ferguson, which since 1995 entered the warehouse of the corporation, has more than 5 million operating tractors for its rakhunka. And one of the representatives of the engineering "brain" of the company, Garri Ferguson, who at the right time destroyed the revolutionary principle of the three-point drive, allowed the tractor and the usual possession to collapse across the field like one.


AGCO's seasonal technology is represented by the brands Challenger, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, GSI and Valtra. The sales of AGCO equipment are available in all sorts of ways through the dealer's border, which is stocked from 3900 independent dealers and distributors, which are going on in more than 140 countries. AGCO's headquarters are located in Duluth, Georgia, USA, and the number of AGCO sportsmen is up to 17 thousand. in 20 countries around the world. Since 1990, AGCO has invested $ 1.4 billion in the banking of these companies.


AGCO sells wines and offers new solutions to thoroughly refine its products, come with a special respect for the quality of life, as soon as you get started and want to go to the first message - approved by the corporation itself.


Spare parts of AGCO to silskogospodarskoy technics You can visit our online store or contact the nearest regional representative of AMACO.

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