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Kalmar DRF450-65A5X Workshop Manual part 1
Kalmar DRF450-65A5X Workshop Manual part 1
Kalmar DRF450-65A5X Workshop Manual part
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Kalmar DRF450-65A5X Workshop Manual part 2
Kalmar DRF450-65A5X Workshop Manual part 2
Kalmar DRF450-65A5X Workshop Manual part
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The Swedish company KALMAR Industries produces loading devices that can handle the heaviest loads. Such equipment is in demand in seaports, cargo terminals, and in industrial enterprises of various types. For example, a Kalmar forklift, or Kalmar in Russian, can be found in production workshops engaged in the manufacture of bricks, concrete, and stone. This special equipment is capable of moving from 8 to 90 tons, which requires increased reliability from the machines.


The Kalmar DCE160-6 Forklift Truck is a reliable, powerful and high-performance diesel forklift truck with weights such as:


Forklift Kalmar DCE160-6

The weight of the load that the loader is capable of handling is 16,000 kg.

The total weight of the loader is 19200 kg.

Loader weight distributed on front / rear axles 33,200 kg / 2,000 kg.

Loader unladen weight distributed on front / rear axles 10,000 kg / 9,200 kg.

The DCE160-6 is powered by a Volvo TAD720VE engine. It consumes 8-11 liters of diesel fuel. Its power is 174 kW at a speed of 2300 rpm, and a torque of 864 Nm at a speed of 1400 rpm. The engine displacement is 7145 cm3, and the number of pistons is 6.


Diesel forklift Kalmar DCE160-6 has the following chassis characteristics:


The number of wheels (front / rear) - 4/2.

Tire size 12.00x20 / 20PR.

Pressure 1.0 MPa.

Front / rear track - 1855 mm / 1960 mm.

Wheelbase 3500 mm.

Ground clearance under the center of the chassis / under the forklift - 350 mm / 250 mm.

This forklift is equipped with forks which are standard 80mm thick, 200mm wide and 1200mm long. Their minimum travel is 440 mm and their maximum travel is 1480 mm. The lift height is 5000 mm, the forward tilt angle is 5 degrees, the backward tilt angle is 10 degrees.


The DCE160-6 loader is 2540 mm wide, 5305 mm long without forks, 2920 mm high, 1790 mm seat height, and 6695 mm / 4195 mm raised / folded lift. Its maximum height when the cab is tilted is 3395 mm, and the maximum width when the cab is tilted is 3380 mm.


This forklift has an inner turning radius of 420 mm, an outer turning radius of 4785 mm, a pitch between the forks and the center of the front axle of 980 mm, a gravity center of 600 mm and a passage width when stacked with forks is 7160 mm.


The Kalmar DCE160-6 forklift has such performance characteristics as:


Tractive effort 135,000 N.

Travel speed 30 km / h.

Lift climbed by the loader:

97% with an unloaded loader;

40% with a loaded forklift.

Lifting speed:

400 mm / s with an unloaded loader;

350 mm / s with a loaded loader.

Lowering speed 400 mm / s.

This loader has the following additional features:


Hydraulic system pressure 17.5 MPa.

The volume of the diesel fuel tank is 200 liters.

Battery voltage - 2x12 V.

Battery capacity 140 Ah.

Hydraulic fluid volume 225 l.

The DCE160-6 has an intelligent, responsive control system that maximizes operational efficiency and ease of operation. In addition, it increases the choice of additional functions, for example, such as lever, mini-steering, reduced diesel fuel consumption, and increased lifting speed.

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