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TCM Service Manual
TCM Service Manual
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TCM 1.5-1.8_SPEC
TCM 1.5-1.8_SPEC
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TCM 160-230-3 brochure
TCM 160-230-3 brochure
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TCM Corporation is one of the world leaders among companies specializing in the production of forklift trucks. Today, this Japanese manufacturer produces a full range of special equipment capable of moving loads weighing from 1 to 43 tons. All TCM forklifts are safe, reliable, ergonomic and comfortable.


The company produces special equipment equipped with an electric drive. The first type of machines is subdivided into the following types:

models D / FG 10-30 (with D - with a diesel engine, FG - with a gas and petrol engine), which are capable of lifting 1-3 tons;

more advanced models D / FG 35-50 with a carrying capacity of 3.5-5 tons;

FD 60-100 machines, moving 6-10 tons (equipped with a motor with a special exhaust gas cleaning system; forks lifting speed - up to 510 mm / s);

equipment FD 160-230, capable of lifting 16-23 tons;

loaders FD 370/420, moving 37 and 42 tons, respectively (in demand at large metallurgical, machine-building plants, etc.).

Such TCM forklifts are equipped with reliable, powerful Kubota, Isuzu, Nissan motors. As a rule, this technique is used outdoors.


The FB series electric forklift trucks offer an optimal combination of economy and productivity. They are very mobile and maneuverable, which allows them to be used in tight closed warehouses. Such TCM forklifts can be:


tricycle (carrying capacity 1.6-1.8 tons);

four-bearing (capable of moving from 1 to 3.5 tons).

As a rule, they are equipped with AC electric motors, which make it possible to shorten the braking distance of the machine during operation, which leads to a decrease in electricity consumption.

The longest time of continuous operation among machines of a similar class (due to reduced energy consumption);

automation of the charger;

reduction of vibration and noise impacts on the operator (by 65 and 20 percent, respectively);

ultra-precise regulation of the battery charge.

About the general properties of TCM loaders

In addition to the standard equipment, the considered special equipment can be equipped with three- or two-stage lift racks, a widened fender and double front wheels, special tires (massive, colored, etc.), as well as attachments, such as: swivel forks, wide carriage, gripper for paper, etc. It is important that all models are designed and manufactured taking into account the most difficult operating conditions. Despite the use of innovations in the design of machines, TCM engineers try not to overload forklifts with complex electronics. This has the most positive effect on the reliability of the machines and reduces operating costs.

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    Mike (Tuesday, 20 September 2022 00:14)

    Looking for a operating manual not a service manual for TCM forklift model FG15N17T. Serial A10g14899

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    James Mathews (Wednesday, 26 January 2022 21:21)

    U need to reference a owners manual for a FG25T7DF truck.Where can I find a PDF copy on line?