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Daihatsu Delta
Daihatsu Delta
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Daihatsu Delta Service Manual
Daihatsu Delta Service Manual
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Today Japanese cars are recognized as one of the best in the world, because they guarantee their owners reliability, quality and economy. And the Daihatsu brand is no exception, because it has a rich and very curious history.


Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. was founded in early 1907 by two professors at Osaka University, Mr. Yoshinki and Turumi. At the first stage of its activity, the company produced and sold only internal combustion engines that ran on natural gas. At that time this company was still called "Hatsudoki Seizo Co., Ltd." In the future, the company expanded its activities, and began to engage in the production of cars and household appliances.

The company released the first Japanese car under its own brand in the thirties of the last century. It was pretty funny, called HA, and had only three wheels. Exported to the UK in 1966.


Daihatsu's first exported vehicle

The company received its current name "Daihatsu" in 1951, forming it by a combination of Osaka (where the company was located), Dai (大) and Hatsu (発), which in translation mean "engine production". In 1967, the management of the enterprise signed a merger agreement with Toyota, and, starting in 1999, full control over the company passed to the Toyota Motor Corporation. Subsequently, the company became known as "Daihatsu Motor Company". By the beginning of the 80s, about ten million cars had already been produced on it.


This enterprise produces minicar both in Europe - class A, B and C, and in Japan - class Q. It also manufactures compact and medium SUVs, minivans and light trucks. In recent years, the company has begun developing hybrid cars as well.

Today, Daihatsu brand cars are distributed all over the world, the number of countries where they are sold is more than one hundred and forty. The company spends most of its profits on developing new models.


Daihatsu multifunctional vehicles

 It is the most popular car brand in Japan. The popularity is due to the revolutionary innovations introduced into the production of the automotive industry. Daihatsu vehicles have unique designs and state-of-the-art hydrogen engines, and are significantly economical and versatile compared to conventional Japanese models. The company began to specialize in the use of hydrogen, replacing electric motors, gasoline or diesel engines.

The main automotive novelty of Daihatsu this year, which amazed many, is the small-sized Hijet truck.

The Japanese called it the project of the future. Daihatsu plans to further develop and improve it for serial production. This innovative tractor can transport vans, provide a mobile home with electricity, and create many of the necessary modern civilized conditions for life.


The goal of the Japanese company is to constantly improve the cars produced. Currently, Daihatsu developers are busy with the project and release for mass production of rectangular cars. According to the engineers, thanks to this shape, it is possible to maximize the use of the entire space in the car interior.

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