Forklift Truck Jungheinrich Service Manuals

Jungheinrich DFG 660 Service Manual
Jungheinrich DFG 660 Service Manual
Jungheinrich DFG 660 Service Manual_comp
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Jungheinrich DFG 670 Service Manual
Jungheinrich DFG 670 Service Manual
Jungheinrich DFG 670 Service Manual_comp
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Jungheinrich DFG_TFG 316-435 Operating Instructions
Jungheinrich DFG_TFG 316-435 Operating Instructions
Jungheinrich DFG_TFG 316-435 Operating I
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Jungheinrich EFG 213-320 Operating Manual
Jungheinrich EFG 213-320 Operating Manual
Jungheinrich EFG 213-320 Operating Manua
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The German company Jungheinrich steadily occupies one of the leading places in the world in the production of material handling equipment and other storage equipment. This manufacturer constantly invests in innovation, pays particular attention to the environmental friendliness of its self-propelled equipment, and provides its customers with excellent technical service and a stable supply of spare parts and accessories. Particularly noteworthy are Jungheinrich forklifts. During their development and release, the main emphasis is on the use of `` green '' technologies, the maximum comfort of the driver’s workplace. Another key priority for Jungheinrich is the safety of the forklift operator and warehouse personnel using the forklift truck.


Jungheinrich focuses on producing state-of-the-art and most reliable light and medium forklifts. The equipment of this company for the most part is developed for operation on indoor work sites with a flat floor covering or in closed warehouses. Also, equipment fromJungheinrich performed well in warehouses with specific conditions like food processing, pharmacology, and the production of high-precision electronics, i.e. wherever there is a strictly controlled microclimate and high environmental standards.

Jungheinrich Electric Forklift Trucks: Technical Advantages and Features of Each Forklift Truck Series

Electric forklifts are available in the following 5 series:

- Series 1 EFG 316 / 316k / 318 / 318k / 320. These are the lightest and easiest loaders in construction. Their carrying capacity does not exceed 1.5 tons, the lifting height is, depending on the modification, from 2.3 to 6.5 tons. Also, depending on the model of theJungheinrich forklift truck, the capacity of the traction battery is 500-625-875-1000 Ah. This three-axle forklift has two engines, one for road vehicles, the other pump. Series 1 has the smallest dimensions and superior maneuverability. Therefore, it is the best solution for small warehouses, and tightly crowded work sites. It is also worth noting that the simplicity of the design ensures the low cost of this series of forklifts. Therefore, the first series is deservedly considered a small `` workhorse '' for medium and small businesses in the field of cargo handling and storage.

- Series 2 EFG 213/215 / 216k / 216 / 218k / 218/220. Another series of treble supports of extremely small sizes. The letter `` k '' means a very small copy of the loader, but still with an increased payload of 1.3-2 tons. These Jungheinrich forklifts lift loads to a height of 3-6.5 m. Traction batteries have capacities of 500.625.759 Ah. The second series is characterized by electric power steering. Also, the operator can use one of 5 customizable work programs that simplify both equipment management and make cargo handling more efficient. The traction battery is replaced on the side. The brakes and electric drive are very simple in design and do not require frequent maintenance.

- Series 3 EFG 316 / 316k / 318 / 318k / 320. The carrying capacity is small and amounts to 1.6-2 tons. The lifting height is also standard - 3-6.5 m. The battery capacity is 625 or 750 Ah. This is the more serious Jungheinrich four-wheel front forklift for both indoor and outdoor storage. The loader is equipped with an efficient electro-hydraulic control system. The driver is housed in a closed cabin with wipers both front and rear. The traction battery and electric drive are reliably protected from dust and moisture and allow the use of a forklift in adverse climatic or operating conditions.

- Series 4 EFG 425 / 425k / 430 / 430k / S30. In this series of Jungheinrich electric forklifts, the payload capacity increases to 2.5-3 tons, and the stacking height varies from 2.9 to 7 m. The high-power engine is powered by a battery with a capacity of 560 or 775 Ah. To more efficiently use the resources of this warehouse transport, an option was added to regulate work productivity. The forklift can be configured to save battery power, or vice versa to limit the increase in speed. You can also install an operator assistance system fromJungheinrich on the truck, which greatly facilitates the management of floor vehicles during heavy traffic handling. Loaders of the fourth series are characterized by increased cross-country ability, which allows them to be used on uneven flooring. The 4EFG series is admitted by modular assembly technology. Thanks to this, the production of forklift trucks is faster and cheaper, and maintenance is greatly simplified.

- Series 5 EFG 540k / 540 / 545k / 545/550 / S40 / S30. Carrying capacity up to 5 tons, stacking up to a height of 7 m. Battery capacity is from 775 to 930 Ah. These are the most powerful, heaviest electric forklifts from Jungheinrich. They are used both in closed warehouses and in open work sites. These large and powerful forklift trucks can be tailored to specific operating conditions with the help of installed packages of additional functions. The main base of the loader is four-footed, with a high-security cab. As with all forklift trucks,Jungheinrich has created an ergonomic control system, and the cab has an increased level of comfort.

Jungheinrich gas and diesel forklifts: specifications and operational features

Jungheinrich diesel and forklift trucks are available in four series. They are designed to work with the most complex, dangerous and heavy loads in difficult conditions. Such floor transport is indicated by the letters DFG and TFG. The first is diesel, the second is gas:

Forklifts DFG / TFG 316/320. The carrying capacity is only 1.6-2 tons, but the stacking height reaches 7.5 m. The maximum speed is 19 km / h. Engine power is 30-31.2 kW. Fuel consumption is up to 2.8 l / h or up to 2.9 kg / h. This loader is designed to work in difficult conditions and has increased stability due to its low center of gravity and a hydraulic steering wheel. The Jungheinrich forklift truck in this series is equipped with a closed brake system. Disks are in an oil bath which significantly extends their useful life. It is also worth noting a powerful engine cooling system, which allows you to use the loader to the maximum for a long time without stopping. The cab is designed in such a way that most of the vibrations are absorbed and the driver does not feel any discomfort.

Forklifts DFG / TFG 425/430/435. This is already an average forklift with a lifting capacity of 2.5-3.5 tons, which rise to a height of 7 m. The speed of movement reaches 18 km / h, which is quite enough for the rapid movement of goods through the territory of a large warehouse. The fourth-series Jungheinrich diesel forklift has a 40 kW engine for diesel and 36 kW for gas. Fuel consumption is between 3.8-4 l / h and 3.6 kg / h. These loaders provide high torque at low speeds, which allows you to use the engine with maximum efficiency. It is also worth noting the presence of anti-vibration suspension for the drive, which significantly extends the period of its use without output to overhaul. Reinforced filters for exhaust gas cleaning can be installed on the fourth series forklift. This allows the loader to be used in closed, well-ventilated warehouses.

Forklifts DFG / TFG 540S / 545S / 550S / S50s. Carrying capacity up to 5 tons with a stacking height of up to 7.18 m. Acceleration speed 21 km / h with a diesel engine power of 55 kW and a gas drive of 59 kW. The maximum fuel consumption is 5.2 l / h or 4.8 kg / h.Jungheinrich forklifts in this series are designed specifically for demanding or hazardous working conditions. The top of the driver's cab is covered with tempered glass, which withstands strong shocks from falling heavy loads. Also, the forklift truck is equipped with an enhanced lighting system for working in dark areas and for better control of what is happening around the warehouse transport.


Forklifts DFG / TFG 660/670/680 / S80 / S. This is Jungheinrich's most powerful and most secure forklift truck. The load capacity reaches 9 tons with a maximum stacking height of 8 m. The speed of movement reaches 22.5 km / h, and the engine power for both diesel and gas models is 91 kW. These forklifts are equipped with fully enclosed cabs with reliable protection against increased noise levels. Also, this series is equipped with smart operator information systems. All important information is displayed, which is important for effective and safe operation in difficult conditions.

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