Yuchai Service Manuals PDF, fault codes and wiring diagrams

Yuchai YC08-8(805) Hydraulic Excavator - Spare Parts Book
Yuchai YC08-8(805) Hydraulic Excavator - Spare Parts Book
Yuchai YC08-8(805) Hydraulic Excavator -
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Yuchai YC18-8 Hydraulic Excavator - Operation And Maintenance Manual
Yuchai YC18-8 Hydraulic Excavator - Operation And Maintenance Manual
Yuchai YC18-8 Hydraulic Excavator - Oper
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Yuchai DL165H Skid Steer loader Owners Manual
Yuchai DL165H Skid Steer loader Owners Manual
Yuchai DL165H Skid Steer loader Owners M
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Yuchai YC55SR Spare Parts Book
Yuchai YC55SR Spare Parts Book
Yuchai YC55SR Spare Parts Book_compresse
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 Yuchai Machinery is the main subsidiary of a large corporation Yuchai Group. It was founded back in 1951, and already in 1993 the structure of the enterprise succumbed to substantial reform and was reorganized into joint Chinese and foreign capital. It is important to note that in the mid-90s of the last century, securities owned by the company were issued by the New York Stock Exchange. Thus, Yuchai Machinery became the first in China, whose shares were issued and quoted in other countries.


The main office of the company is located in Yulin (Guangxi province). Today, more than 8 thousand people work in a friendly team of employees. It is important to note that in one year, Yuchai Machinery produces about 700,000 units of engines, while at least 30,000 of them are delivered abroad. About 6 types and 22 series of diesel equipment used in the construction of sea and river vessels, various mechanisms, agricultural machinery, as well as cars and trucks, should be distinguished from the company's product range.

Devices manufactured by Yuchai Machinery are capable of generating between 55 and 1,500 kilowatts of electrical energy. At the same time, they cause minimal damage to the environment and ecology, since the amount of harmful substances emitted by them does not exceed the limits established by European quality standards


Among the main advantages of diesel equipment manufactured by Yuchai Machinery, it is worth highlighting:

high power;

excellent reliability and durability;

excellent torque performance;

low fuel consumption;

minimum level of environmental pollution;

simplicity and ease of maintenance;



Thanks to this, for whatever purpose you would not choose diesel equipment of this brand, whether it is equipping it with commercial automobile transport, machinery used in agriculture, and others.

Today, the manufacturing company Yuchai Machinery grows and develops, almost every year new production bases and facilities are built. Thus, the enterprise’s production facilities appeared in many cities and towns of China, for example, such as Suzhou, Xiamen, Zhejian, as well as in many others.

 Specialists at Yuchai Machinery pay a lot of attention to the development and invention of new, more modern approaches to the construction of diesel power plants and engines. To this end, the company’s employees have created several new research laboratories located in the cities of Yulin and Nanning. Support for these research centers is carried out at the state level. This feature allowed the management of the manufacturing company to open about 10 research centers not only in China, but also in other countries. The best Chinese invented work closely with leading experts from Austria, Germany, as well as Brunel University located in the UK.

High rates of development of new technologies and innovations in the field of creating diesel engines and power plants are also ensured by the presence of a large number of researchers and scientists. In total, more than a thousand employees work in research centers and laboratories (among them there are about 30 doctors of sciences, at least 180 specialists who graduated from the magistracy, as well as 8 professors).


 During the development of new models of diesel technology, employees of the enterprise rely on the results of scientific research, as well as actively introduce new principles of mechanical engineering based on an efficient, fast and environmentally-friendly operating principle. All this allows us to state with full confidence that the activities of Yuchai Machinery provide a truly rapid development of the engineering industry in China.

It is believed that the first diesel engine, manufactured with support for Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards in China, was designed and built by Yuchai Machinery specialists. In addition, new products for the Chinese industry should include enterprise products such as:

 the first diesel engine designed for cars like Sedan;

the first gas-fired engine to achieve Euro-4 international standard;

the first bus intended for use in the city and having mixed dynamics.

In the near future, specialists from the Yuchai Machinery manufacturing company plan to start mass production of motors that meet Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards. This will provide reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly diesel devices not only to users in China, but also in the countries of near and far abroad.

The company includes at least 45 representative offices located in China as well as abroad. In addition, around the world there are about 2.3 thousand service centers. The company also has a modern call center for customer service located in China and other countries. Its employees are ready to provide fast and efficient service for everyone.

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