TATA Truck Service Manuals


Tata Motors is the leader in commercial vehicle manufacturing in India and the fifth largest truck manufacturer in the world.

The range of trucks produced by the company is very wide: from small trucks "Tata Ays" to heavy vehicles "Tata Prima". In total, the company produces over 120 models of trucks.

TATA LPT-613 is an Indian light-duty truck manufactured by Tata Motors. This vehicle is part of the TATA LPT cabover truck family.


Structurally, the Tata LPT 613 is a low-loader truck with a cabover cab, on which, at the request of the client, various body modifications are installed - manufactured goods, isothermal, thermal, grain vans, awning / side platform, dump truck, tow truck, etc.


 The Tata LPT 613 is a reliable, time-tested Tata 697 NA engine, produced under license from Mercedes-Benz OM 352.6-cylinder, in-line, 5.7 L displacement and 130 hp. (at 2400 rpm), it is paired with a 5-speed manual Tata GBS-40. Gearbox - with synchronizers in all forward gears and sliding engagement for reverse gear. The torque - 416 Nm - is achieved already at 1400-1700 rpm. The clutch is frictional, single-plate, dry, with a diaphragm spring. Cooling of the engine is liquid. Rechargeable battery - 120 A / h, 12 W. The TATA LPT 613 starter has a power of 2.8 kW and operates with a voltage of 12V.


The frame of the car is ladder, the side members are made of a bent channel. The wheelbase of the Tata LPT 613 is 3800 mm. Front wheel track - 1650 mm, rear - 1577 mm. Clearance - 194 mm. Car carrying capacity ranges from 3680 to 4200 kg. Dependent suspensions on longitudinal semi-elliptic springs are installed at the front and rear. The hydraulic booster is produced by ZF, according to the masters of the maintenance station, one of the most reliable units of the car, regardless of operating conditions. Brakes - pneumatic, with drum brakes on all wheels. The brake system is dual-circuit. The auxiliary system is a special engine-driven retarder brake. The parking brake, which is activated by a spring-loaded brake, brakes the rear wheels.

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