TATA Truck Service Manuals, Fault Codes


The Indian concern TATA, which is engaged in the production of cars, was formed in 1868. The automotive company is headquartered in Bombay, producing a wide range of commercial vehicles, trucks and cars. The Indian automaker TATA produces a wide range of models of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses for the transport of passengers in domestic and intercity traffic.


The wide assortment of choice of equipment that TATA presents to the consumer allows it to be used for a variety of purposes and needs, for a variety of types of transportation. TATA, using the technical assistance of DaimlerChrysler employees, manufactures a fairly large line of trucks. Their carrying capacity varies from one to forty tons.


In 2000, the Indian automobile company TATA began supplying its products (pickups and light trucks) to European countries, as well as to the Russian Federation. Moreover, in Russia (in the Urals), as well as in Ukraine, several models of TATA trucks are being assembled.


The Indian company TATA supplies the European market mainly 1-ton pickups with 4x2 and 4x4 wheel arrangements and a gross weight of 2.8 to 3 tons. These cars are equipped with a modernized 4-cylinder engine with a volume of 2 liters with direct injection and turbocharging and a capacity of 90 horsepower. Transmission - 5-speed, mechanical. The car has front disc brakes and independent suspension, as well as power steering. The machine can be equipped with several types of cabins - at the buyer's choice.


The TATA line of trucks includes 3-ton semi-hood trucks of the SFC407 series, cabover trucks of the LPT407 series. There are also 5-ton modifications SFC709 and LPT709 and a new 3.5-ton cabover truck LPT613. All this equipment is equipped with 4-6-cylinder diesel power units with a capacity of 71, 90 and 130 horsepower. They are equipped with manual transmissions, spring suspension and hydropneumatic brakes. TATA also manufactures cabover 6-ton LPT1615TC trucks, as well as a chassis with a cab, which are equipped with a 5.9 liter diesel engine (137 horsepower) and have a manual 5-speed gearbox.


In addition to trucks, the TATA company has established the production of utility vehicles and station wagons. Buses manufactured by TATA can have a passenger capacity of 12 to 80 people. Indian automakers have assembled more than 200 thousand TATA passenger cars and about 40 thousand Sumo and Safari off-road vehicles. Passenger cars are exported to Italy, Spain, Portugal and the UK.

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