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JAC Forklift CPCD20-25-30-35
JAC Forklift CPCD20-25-30-35
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JAC Forklift CPCD10-15-18
JAC Forklift CPCD10-15-18
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JAC loaders are special vehicles manufactured by the Chinese company JAC, which are forklift trucks, that is, they have two-pronged forks as a working tool. They are used for lifting, unloading, transporting and storing various goods around the working site.

Features The capabilities of JAC loaders are explained by the following design features: Reliability and trouble-free operation are guaranteed by the presence of original elements and assemblies of world brands in their configuration:

Japanese engines NISSAN and ISUZU, Various parts from TCM.

The ability to work on sites with any quality of the support surface is explained by the variability of the tire design:

Pneumatic for a smoother ride and shock absorption. Solid cast for areas with tire-damaging items.

Safe use in enclosed spaces is possible for devices operating on gas fuel and electricity.

 Easy control is given not only by the simplicity of the device, but also by the hydraulic steering and the excellent quality of the braking system.

The durability of the transmission is due to the peculiarities of the planetary gear.

Stability in lifting and loading is given to the machine by special supports:

 3 - for lighter and more maneuverable vehicles.

4 - for heavy vehicles with a carrying capacity of more than 2 tons.



Diesel forklifts JAC operate on diesel fuel and have, in comparison with other models: The highest lifting capacity - up to 10 - 25 tons. The powerful Japanese-made engine allows you to lift and store heavy loads to great heights. The device does not require frequent refueling - the fuel will last for a long time. Heated cab models available.

At the same time, they have all of the above capabilities of JAC technology: maneuverability, ergonomics, reliability and relatively low cost.



 This equipment is used to lift loads weighing 1-3 tons to heights of up to 3 meters and differs in:

Environmental friendliness + safety of work in closed rooms.

Economical fuel costs. High performance.

The minimum noise level.

The smallest turning radii.

Easy controls.


Gas / petrol

JAC gasoline units, supplemented with a LPG cylinder, can:

Run on both fuels (gasoline or gas).

 Be safer at work, as it significantly reduces the production of carbon monoxide.

Have a very low noise level.

 Provide fuel savings.

Can be equipped with cab heating.

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