TAYLOR Forklift Truck Brochures PDF

Taylor Machine Works is a renowned manufacturer of industrial forklifts in the United States. Its history began in 1927. First, a small car repair workshop was established. Taylor now has a modern factory and huge resource and production potential. Its products are used by many American and foreign enterprises in various fields.


Wide model range

The Taylor range includes more than 100 different forklifts for the needs of different companies and enterprises. Each model of special equipment receives a proprietary Sudden Service support throughout its entire service life.

Industrial forklift trucks are represented by the TX, TXi, THX and T series. Rough terrain forklifts are included in the TX4, TXB families. Taylor also manufactures forklift work machines with counterbalance, special industrial models at the request of customers.

All of them differ in size, engine power, load capacity and degree of suitability for certain operating conditions.


 About two models

Some of Taylor Machine Works' best creations are the TX-4030 and TX4-300. The first working machine has a 3.4 meter wheelbase. The rated payload is 13.6 tons. The car has a turbocharged V6-diesel, delivering 160 horsepower.


 The wheelbase of the second model is 0.1 m less, and the carrying capacity is the same. The 60 cm center of gravity allows the loader to feel confident on rough terrain. The special equipment is powered by a V6 diesel engine that develops 190 hp. It works in conjunction with a 4-speed "box" with the possibility of manual and automatic switching.


Taylor forklift technical features


 The North American company relies on high technology in the manufacture of its work machines. Taylor trucks are equipped with only modern diesel engines equipped with a special air cooling system and electronic control.


 Many working machine models are equipped with forward-folding cabins. They are mounted on an all-welded tubular platform. The lifting masts are driven by modern hydraulic cylinders, and the loader is controlled by a convenient joystick.

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