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MARIOTTI ME-10-12-AC-Spec-Sheet
MARIOTTI ME-10-12-AC-Spec-Sheet
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V.MARIOTTI S.r.l. - the leader in the production of compact three-wheel electric forklifts. Mariotti products are exported all over the world. All engineering and assembly work is carried out at the plant in Turin, Italy. Mariotti is a world leader in the design and manufacture of compact loaders; the only company to offer a selection of over 20 different skid steer loader models. The range of lifting capacities is from 400 to 1300 kg. Unique technical solutions allow Mariotti to meet the specific needs of customers in handling cargo.


Italian quality forklift trucks from V.MARIOTTI S.r.l. does not need additional advertising. For more than 30 years in the market of special equipment, Mariotti products have won the prestige of one of the best compact forklift trucks. Cartrade owns a wide range of Mariotti forklift trucks of various modifications, in the presence of more than 20 different models.


The Turin plant supplies forklift trucks to over 40 countries. Forklift trucks Mariotti are popular due to their small size, which allows the equipment to work in hard-to-reach places. The lifting capacity of these loaders can reach one and a half tons. The ability to install attachments makes the loader multifunctional. The maneuverability of the machine is achieved due to special lowered masts, as well as the possibility of removing the roof to increase the lifting height of loads.

Forklifts from Mariotti are powered by electric batteries, and charging is enough for exactly one shift (8 hours). A feature of the model range is three wheels - one behind, under counterweight, two in front. All of them are forked with two bearing masts, which does not interfere with freely fitting into a standard doorway, and turning on the spot.


Due to their low dead weight, electric forklifts of the Mariotti company can move along the floors of the warehouse in the cargo elevator compartment, enter the wagons, car trailers, vans without damaging the frame structure of the latter. Environmental safety is observed at the highest level, exhaust emissions during movement, there is no work, which allows them to work indoors. The operator has all-round visibility, the equipment has a center of gravity shifted to the bottom, therefore, it is resistant to overturning. The small diameter of the wheels requires a high-quality, even surface of the site.

 Mariotti loaders automatically decelerate in radius areas using Toyota technology. Battery replacement is carried out from the rear by one operator, the control lever is significantly reduced compared to standard counterparts for the convenience of the driver's landing. On the FCB 3/13 model, a pitchfork of 100x1200x35 mm is installed, a holder of the FEMIIA design is used. With its own height of 2 m, the loader has an installation height of 3.2 m for a load of 1.3 tons. Power is supplied from a 36-volt battery. Servolenkung side shift carriage can be used as an attachment.

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