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ATLET Forklifts Brochure
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Atlet is a renowned Swedish manufacturer of loading equipment and professional solutions in the field of logistics and warehouse management.

The history of Atlet begins in 1958, when Knut Jakobson begins to manufacture equipment literally at his home in Gothenburg, Sweden. The first name of the company - Elitmaskiner, translates as "Elite cars", initially the company produced only hand carts. At that time, the market was dominated by pedestrian stackers and reach trucks, Knut Jacobson initially set ergonomics and advanced solutions as the main points in creating products, collecting all his knowledge in the field, he designed the first stacker stand, the new machine in terms of carrying capacity was comparable to a stacker, but could move in narrower aisles thanks to the side stabilizer system


In 1966, the company changed its name to Atlet, by this time the company was already exporting equipment to Norway and mastering the Dutch market, the first branch in England was opened in 1969, just a year later, in addition to equipment, the company began to offer professional driver training and this program grew into the creation software solutions for material processing simulation, the company is actively researching in the field of creating ergonomic technology and reducing the burden on the operator, thanks to which technology with a mini-steering wheel and a floating armrest appears, since then Atlet has not changed its priorities and puts ergonomics in the first place, showing caring for machine operators that not only keeps people healthy, but also increases production capacity. 2007 Atlet buys Nissan Forklift. In 2012 Nissan Forklift and Atlet respectively buy UniCarriers.


Now Atlet equipment is released under the UniCarriers brand

Atlet equipment has long won its place in the European market and is in great demand, this is not surprising, given that in addition to the production of loading equipment, the company itself is engaged in the logistics business and the creation of solutions for it, and therefore Atlet knows directly what tasks are faced by the equipment for work both in warehouses and in open areas. The ergonomics of each new model is different from the previous ones, Atlet is constantly researching this area, and Atlet loading equipment in this regard is significantly superior to the equipment of other manufacturers, while the ergonomics of the workplace and compactness never contradict each other and Atlet manages to combine the incompatible. Today, Atlet manufactures stackers, narrow aisle stackers, reach trucks, carts, internal combustion forklift trucks and electric forklifts, the company has an extensive network of branches in 37 countries around the world and an extensive network of service centers. Atlet is especially proud of what the company started with - compact stackers, Atlet has several lines of stackers and stackers with a wide range of models, where each model can be adapted to specific conditions, Atlet also produces rotary reach trucks for working in very narrow aisles of high-loaded warehouses .

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