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Among the large assortment of manufactured machines, Hyundai forklifts occupy, if not one of the first places, then, undoubtedly, a very important niche in the list of the company's products. Among them there are models for different purposes - warehouse, industrial, port. They are equipped with internal combustion engines powered by diesel fuel, gasoline, gas and electric motors of various capacities. Almost all machines are equipped with hydraulic equipment of various capacities.

As a result, they are in demand almost everywhere where work is done with palletized cargo, containers, rolls and non-standard packaging. Their carrying capacity varies within very wide limits; most of the machines are capable of handling loads from 1 to 5 tons. Recently, a new technique has entered the market - Hyundai warehouse forklifts with a carrying capacity of up to 16 tons.


Main models of Hyundai forklift trucks

Like most forklift engineering firms, Hyundai has devoted a lot of attention to creating quality diesel powered machines. The Hyundai 70DF 7 diesel forklift is a prime example of this type of machine. It is designed for use on large areas where not only loading and unloading, but also fast movement of the load is required.


It is equipped with a lifting mechanism that allows the forks to tilt up to 15 ° in both directions, which not only simplifies the unloading process, but also increases its safety level. The control of the lifting and lowering speed of the forks at full load is controlled by a safety valve, which eliminates the risk of the load falling and breaking the lifting device.


The loader is equipped with sealed disc brakes. Eliminates the ingress of dust and dirt. If there is no operator in the cab, a special system blocks the forks from lifting and lowering.


The loader is equipped with a very powerful HMC D4DD engine - 73.5 kW, providing a loader speed of up to 36 km / h. The lifting capacity of the machine is set at 7 tons.


The diesel loader Hyundai 15D 7E belongs to a slightly smaller class. Its carrying capacity is only 1500 kg. But it is more agile and maneuverable and is designed to work in confined areas and in conditions of dense storage of goods. The turning radius is only 2014 mm.


The Hyundai 15D 7E is equipped with a very economical 2.2 liter KUBOTA engine with a fuel consumption of just 3 liters per hour. Its power is 42 horsepower, which is very atypical for a car of this class. The engine makes this loader one of the most powerful in its category.


With long-term stable operation of the loader, it gives a tangible economic effect due to fuel savings and work intensity. The environmental performance of the engine allows it to be used indoors, along with gas engines.


The loader features a particularly powerful axle and wet disc brakes. Lift equipment changes quickly - all known load grippers can be fitted. This expands the capabilities of the Hyundai 15D 7E Forklift Truck in industrial and construction applications.

The Hyundai HD20 7E forklift truck with a lifting capacity of just over 3 tons is equipped with a 47 hp diesel engine. and can travel at speeds up to 22 km / h. Equipped with a control display and a very ergonomic driver's seat. Due to its small size and maneuverability, it is used to work in wagons, holds, small warehouses, but it can also work effectively on open areas with a hard, even surface.


The more powerful Hyundai 45DS 7 forklift truck lifts 4.5 tons and travels at speeds up to 24 km / h. Its diesel power is 88 hp. The scope of application is the same as that of the previous model, but it works with weights of greater mass and the speed of lifting the load is slightly higher. Swivel wheels - rear, turning radius - less than 3 meters.

Hyundai electric forklifts

A significant number of manufactured models belong to electric forklifts. Among them, the cars of the seventh series stand out, for example, the Hyundai 15BT-7AC. This is a small class loader equipped with two electric motors on the rear axle wheels. The electrical system can operate at 36 or 48 volts, depending on the customer's wishes.


Wheels on the Hyundai 15BT-7AC forklift trucks are double on the rear axle, which adds maneuverability and stability during loading and transportation. The minimum turning radius of the loader is just over 1.5 meters. The ZAPI controller system ensures reliable interoperability of all major systems.


The power of the traction motor is 4.4 kW, and that of the compressor of the hydraulic system is 15.8 kW. The lifting height of a load weighing 1.5 tons is 3.3 meters. Modifications of electric forklifts 20BT-7 and 18BT-7 have a lifting capacity of 2.0 and 1.8 tons, respectively. Their travel motors are of the same power. All lifts are equipped with quick-change attachments for various loads.

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