HELI Forklift Truck Manual & Brochures PDF

Anhui Heli Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd. (China) is a leader in the production of forklift trucks in China and is one of the world's top 10 manufacturers of lifting equipment.


HELI owns the largest technical center in China, which includes 8 institutes and one testing base. Lifting machinery is at the forefront of investment and technical upgrades, Heli has formed an industrial platform with five assembly plants and four component factories with a production capacity of 120,000 forklifts, 200,000 tons of components, 600,000 cylinders, 200,000 sets of steering axles and other components. ...

As a state-owned enterprise, HELI has established a perfect quality control system, obtained ISO9001 certification and European Union standard safety certification.


Heli manufactures:

- forklift trucks with internal combustion engines with a lifting capacity from 1 to 46 tons

- electric forklifts with lifting capacity from 1 to 7 tons

- electric carts and stackers with a lifting capacity from 1 to 2.5 tons

- container cranes

- platform carts

- special equipment: container handlers, side-loading loaders, platform trolleys, loading platforms, tractors

- frontal bucket loaders


All HELI equipment is characterized by high reliability, environmental friendliness, quality and affordable prices.

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