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Caterpillar forklifts are a technological transport that has been widely used in the processes of loading and unloading, lifting and moving, transporting and storing goods and goods stacked on a pallet. The pallet is gripped with a fork, hence the name "fork". The peculiarity of the technique is that the forks are removable, and instead of them you can use other attachments, which allows you to expand the functionality of the forklift trucks. Sometimes the term "mini loader" is used in relation to such machines, which is not entirely true, since this is a different type of equipment.


Today Caterpillar loaders can be seen in every warehouse and industrial site. The popularity of this technique can be explained very simply: buying a forklift is equal to investing in business development. The forklift significantly increases the efficiency and productivity of handling operations, reduces the time spent on cargo handling, ensures the accuracy and safety of storage and transportation.


Loaders - main types:

Warehouse loaders can be classified according to several criteria.

By classes:

I - electric loaders 3 and 4-support;

II - loaders for operation in narrow spaces (reach trucks);

III - electric forklift stacker and trolleys;

IV - diesel and gas trucks with solid tires;

V - diesel and gas pneumatic loaders;

VI - loaders-conveyors;

VII - cross-country loaders.


By drive type:

Diesel forklifts - powerful equipment for working in open areas;

gas and gas-petrol forklifts - due to the lower emission of harmful substances than diesel, they can be used in the open area and inside the warehouse;

electric forklifts - used in closed areas with high requirements for zero emissions, for example, in the food industry, in grocery warehouses.

By carrying capacity:


1.5 - 3.5 tons - the most demanded vehicles; they are versatile, high performance and low maintenance;

4.5 - 5.5 tons - equipment for production sites where higher lifting capacity is required: machine-building enterprises, woodworking, metal warehouses;

7.0 - 10.0 tons - diesel forklift for work at metallurgy enterprises, factories for the production of building materials, stevedoring companies;

10.0 -15.0 tons - for extra-heavy operating conditions at metallurgical plants, in ports;

over 15 tons are used in heavy engineering.

By manufacturers:


Caterpillar forklifts are premium equipment from the leading manufacturer, which is ranked 5th in the world ranking. CAT loaders are a combination of power, reliability and a guarantee of uptime.

Having undeniable benefits of use is a good reason to buy a forklift truck.

Forklift trucks, in particular Caterpillar, are built to work efficiently in any industry.

Compliance with modern requirements for loading and unloading operations has made it possible to create a wide range of warehouse loaders, which covers all the needs of the warehouse.

A wide range of lifting capacities, a different class of equipment and a type of drive allow you to provide any technological process for handling cargo.

Advanced technologies, innovative technical solutions, commitment to the unification of components are the guarantee that warehouse equipment, forklifts, will serve your warehouse as long as possible.

Power, reliability, quality and productivity are not just words, they are the objective characteristics of Caterpillar loaders.

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