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The brand has held the leadership in the production of hydraulic cranes for 70 years. Superiority in its industry is ensured by its high power, which ensures the performance of special equipment, even on rough terrain. The released models have earned an impeccable reputation among consumers, because they meet all production needs.

The products of the Tadano plant are the best bulldozers, hydraulic cranes, mining dump trucks, truck cranes and other equipment.

The history of Tadano Ltd began in 1948 with the production of lifting equipment, and until now the range has expanded significantly. The plant is the world's largest manufacturer and exporter of hydraulic cranes and off-road vehicles, various loaders, as well as individual units and components for truck cranes.


Dump truck GAZ 3309 with CMU Tadano - dimensions

Carrying capacity of the CMU Tadano on the GAZ 3309 chassis

It is the hoisting cranes that have brought the reputation and world fame. Tadano cranes operate reliably in nearly 100 countries around the world and receive only positive reviews.

The range of Tadano mobile crane models includes:

Truck crane ATF 30. Its maximum tonnage is 30 tons, and the working area is within a radius of 250 cm from the center. The telescopic boom has 4 sections with a total size of 8.5-28 meters. The outreach allows you to lift loads up to 30 meters above the ground. In the case of installing a special extension (jib) with L = 8-12 m, the lifting height will be 40 with an outreach of 32 meters. It is mounted at angles of 0 °, 15 ° and 30 ° to the central axis.

Truck crane ATF 30

Model ATF 40. The machine lifts loads weighing about 40 tons. The telescopic boom with L = 9-34 meters has 5 sections. A single file extension of 9-15 m is provided.Then the truck crane will be able to work at a height of about 50 m

Truck crane ATF 40

Truck crane ATF 60. The equipment can lift loads weighing up to 60 tons. The extending boom is recruited from 6 sections. It folds-extends in the range of 10-40 m. The maximum lifting level of the load is 42 m. If you put an extension cord for 9-16 m, it will be possible to lift up to 55 m.

Truck crane ATF 60

Model ATF 80. Lifts 80 tons. Capable of loading at a height of 50 m, because it has a boom of 6 elements, length 10.8-48 m. Goosek builds the beam up to 52 m.


Truck crane TG550E

Truck crane ATF500XL. Its capabilities are lifting a load weighing 65 tons. The boom length is 41, and an additional 16.2 meter jib. It is possible to hold a weight of 6 tons. The truck crane is equipped with a Cummins engine with a capacity of 400 liters. with. and a volume of 1.2 dm3.

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    Warning code F309,
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    error code 0024

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    This error is displayed on the screen "E2220 DoD output stoppage" I have changed the ESP with a functioning ESP but same Error "E2220" any help?

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    I need Operation and Maintenance Manual for Truck Crane TG-500E

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    My GR-1600XL-2 is putting out EA641 and EA6713 errors codes on the dashboard not the LMI. What are these codes and how do I fix them.

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