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      The history of the production of hydraulic cranes in Japan began in 1955 when Tadano launched its first OC-2 truck crane.

In the 1960s, the company began exporting its products to other countries, and its first foreign branch was established in 1955. Since then, Tadano has earned a reputation as one of the largest players in the international market for hydraulic lifting equipment.

Today, Tadano is striving to reach a new level by expanding its business and industry influence and becoming the number 1 manufacturer of lifting equipment in the world. The main concept, which reflects all the equipment manufactured by the company, is mobility and perseverance in curbing gravity.

Tadano's global long-term goal today is to enter a new development path, promote globalization and gain undeniable authority in its field of activity.

Tadano produces self-propelled cranes, i.e. self-propelled carrier trucks, on the basis of which a hydraulic hoisting mechanism is mounted. Three types of cranes are manufactured: all-terrain cranes for large-scale operations, high-power off-road cranes, as well as compact truck cranes with improved handling. The company provides a wide range of manufactured machinery suitable for the needs and conditions of any world region.

The company has many branches and subsidiaries located in different countries of the world: Germany (FAUN GmbH, TADANO FAUN GmbH and TADANO FAUN Stahlbau GmbH), USA (TADANO America Holdings, Inc., TADANO America Corporation and TADANO MANTIS Corporation), Brazil (TADANO BRASIL), Singapore (TADANO Asia Pte Ltd.), Korea (TADANO Korea Co., Ltd.), China (TADANO South China Co., Ltd., BQ-TADANO Beijing Crane Co., Ltd., JC-TADANO Beijing Hydraulic Co., Ltd. And JTL-TADANO Hebei Ironparts Co., Ltd.), Taiwan (Taiwan TADANO Ltd.) and Australia (TADANO Oceania Pty Ltd.).

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