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Xgma forklifts
Xgma forklifts
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Forklifts are highly specialized warehouse equipment that is used for various loading and unloading operations. Its design is designed for a more comfortable grip and movement of goods.


Construction and types of loaders

This technique is used for loading and unloading, lifting racks to the upper shelves, as well as stacking and moving various loads.

The extensive field of use of this type of transport is also justified by the fact that in fact any forklift supports additional suspended and trailed equipment.

In order to select and purchase a forklift that is well suited for the tasks of your company, you should familiarize yourself with the systematization of this special transport.

as if all forklift trucks are divided into:

- electric forklift or battery forklift;

- side loading loader;

- diesel loader;

- forklift gas / petrol.


Loader and additional equipment

Suspended equipment is a beautiful opportunity to transform ordinary warehouse equipment with a small set of functions into a versatile device that can do various jobs. At the same time, a standard set of equipment can have several modifications, depending on the needs of the consumer.


XGMA forklifts (made in China)

The company offers consumers to purchase Chinese-made XGMA forklifts for warehouses and trade pavilions, cargo storage areas, as well as for customs terminals. Small-sized and maneuverable, comfortable and economical devices will help you save time and money. One such unit is capable of changing 5 loaders and moving loads 2 times faster. Until recently, cars produced in the PRC were perceived by consumers with caution. Potential customers were confused by the unstable quality of the equipment.

 To buy a forklift from China at the current time means to get modern, multifunctional and efficient equipment at a low price. The technique complies with world property standards, which is confirmed by certificates and guaranteed.

The warranty for Chinese XGMA forklifts achieves from 1 to 3 years or from 2000 to 4000 operating hours, which is comparable, and in some cases even exceeds the warranty period for Japanese and Korean forklifts Toyota, TCM, KOMATSU, HYANDAI. This fact speaks of the conviction of Chinese manufacturers in the reliability of their own equipment.

It is not difficult to find spare parts for XGMA loaders now. They are supplied on a permanent basis and have the highest service life.

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