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Zhejiang UN Forklift Co was founded in 1978 in China, since then it has grown to become one of the significant players in the loading equipment market. Today more than 2,000 people work in offices around the world for the benefit of the company.


A new era in the development of the company began in 2008, when, with the help of American investors, a modern plant was built on the territory of the PRC, which annually produces 15 thousand units of loading equipment. The plans are to increase the territory of the plant by 4 times and expand its presence in the world. Today, UN forklift trucks, stackers and hand trucks are sold in over 30 countries.

The lineup

The company manufactures and sells forklift trucks with electric motors, diesel and gasoline engines with a lifting capacity of up to 7 tons.

Electric loaders

Zhejiang UN Forklift Co produces 12 models of electric forklift trucks. Carrying capacity of "junior" three-bearing models is from 1,300 to 2,000 kg. The most powerful UN loader with an electric motor lifts up to 5,000 kg to a height of up to 3 meters.

Diesel forklifts

The Chinese-American manufacturer has a wide range of diesel forklift trucks. In total, at the time of this writing, 31 such loaders are being produced. The "weakest" model is designed for small storage facilities and work with loads up to 1 ton, the "senior" loader is designed to move loads weighing up to 7 tons.

LPG forklifts

The company manufactures and sells 15 models of forklift trucks powered by gasoline or gas. The maximum lifting capacity of the equipment is 2.5 tons.


UN forklift trucks fully meet the time and requirements of customers. They are easy to use, practical and modern. As an additional option, the manufacturer proposes to install a touch screen in the loaders to control the mast during operation.

Caring for others and the environment is another feature of the company. All trucks that use gasoline and diesel for work are equipped with a three-stage exhaust gas cleaning system.

The company's engineers were able to significantly reduce the noise and vibration levels during the operation of the forklifts.


The cost of UN forklift trucks is quite attractive.

Security. The loaders are equipped with many elements that increase the safety of the operator and equipment during work. Above the dashboard, there is an additional protective frame, when driving backwards, a yellow flashing light and an audible warning are automatically turned on. When the engine is turned off, the safety system locks the loader mast. These are not all systems aimed at improving security.

Japanese engines. The company uses quality Japanese Yanmar engines for the production of forklift trucks.

Easy to carry out daily inspection and maintenance. Before starting work, the operator will be able to quickly inspect and check the main components of the loader - access to them is specially simplified.

Easy replacement of the gas cylinder. A special system is installed on gas-petrol trucks with a lifting capacity of up to 2 tons, which allows the operator to change the cylinder on his own within 10 minutes.

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