Forklift Truck Manuals

Welcome to the site. You'll find some Service, Repair and Operator Manuals PDF for service and maintenance of forklift trucks. These Manuals are for personal use only. Always happy to help.

A forklift is a type of special warehouse floor transport designed for lifting, moving, unloading, loading, storing various goods using a fork or other working attachments.


Classification and varieties

Currently, a huge number of different models and modifications of loaders have been developed and used. At the same time, there is no single generally accepted classification of forklifts. The most systematized is the ITA classification, according to which:


Class I - Electric forklifts (electric forklifts, battery trucks).


Class II - Equipment for working in narrow aisles. This includes more specialized loaders such as reach trucks, side loaders.

Class III - Stackers and trolleys.


Class IV - Loaders with an internal combustion engine with solid tires.

Class V - Combustion engine loaders with pneumatic tires.

Class VI - Conveyors.


Class VII - "Off-road" off-road loaders of all types, that is, designed to work in difficult road conditions and on heavy surfaces.


Additional devices (attachments):


- Device for lateral displacement of the forks;

- Rotating fork;

- Fork positioner;

- Capture for barrels and rolls;

- Pin;

- Capture with a jogger.


In addition, there are many gadgets, such as:


- Tire gripper;

- Furnace loader;

- Snow blower;

- Clamp for transporting white equipment;

- Capture for containers.

Almost all of the above attachments can have a lot of modifications that change individual characteristics (for example, a clamp for several drums at once).