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Komatsu AE50 AM50 Brochure
Komatsu AE50 AM50 Brochure
Komatsu AE50 AM50 Brochure and Spec Shee
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Komatsu FG25T-14 Operator Manual
Komatsu FG25T-14 Operator Manual
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Komatsu DX20 Brochure
Komatsu DX20 Brochure
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Komatsu BX50 Specification
Komatsu BX50 Specification
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One of the main activities of Komatsu Ltd. is the manufacture of forklifts, the quality and reliability of which are recognized all over the world. Forklifts of the Japanese brand have also become widespread, since the ability to work in harsh conditions and low operating costs make this equipment indispensable in many branches of trade and production.


The company offers a large number of models of forklifts equipped with gasoline, diesel or electric engines and with different lifting capacities. The standard equipment of Komatsu loaders can be supplemented with the necessary attachments.



Komatsu diesel forklift trucks can be roughly divided into 5 categories, depending on the weight of the load being lifted. The first includes models with a carrying capacity ranging from 1.5 (FD15T-21) to 3.5 tons (FD35AT-17). The standard lifting height for all machines is 3m, and the load center is 50 cm. The height of all loaders in this category is about 2.1 m, and the width depends on the specific model and varies from 1.1 to 1.3 m. The next category is 4 -5 ton loaders, which have larger dimensions and a more powerful engine. The 6-8 ton category is represented by three models: FD60-10, FD70-10, FD80-10. The standard lifting height remains the same at 3 m, while the height and width of the machines are increased to 2.4 and 2 m, respectively. The power of these loaders is 69/2250 kW / rpm.

Loaders with a lifting capacity of 10-16 tons already have a power of 122/2200 k / W / rpm and are represented by such models as FD100-8, FD135-8, FD150-8, etc. Finally, the maximum lifting capacity of 20/25 tons is available in the FD200Z models -6 and FD250Z-6. The center of load application for the FD200Z-6 is 90 cm, and for the FD250Z-6 it is 1.2 m, the standard lifting height also does not exceed 3 m.The dimensions of these machines are as follows: height - 3.36 m, width - 3.1 m The capacity of loaders in this category is 166/2200 kW / rpm, and there are already 6 cylinders.



 Komatsu petrol forklifts are presented in two groups, which also differ in their lifting capacity. Models FG15T-21, FG18T-21, FG20T-17, FG25T-17, FG30T-17, FG35AT-17 lift 1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5 tons, respectively. The machines are equipped with a 4-cylinder Nissan engine, and their power ranges from 27.2 / 2500 k / W / rpm to 422.6 / 2400 k / W / rpm. The height of the loaders of this group is about 2.1 m, and the width is 1.07-1.23 m. The lifting height is standard and is 3 meters. Four loader models (FG40T-10, FG40ZT-10, FG45T-10, FG50AT-10) have lifting capacities from 4 to 5 tons and are equipped with a six-cylinder Nissan engine.



As for electric forklifts, there are three- and four-wheeled vehicles. Three-wheeled vehicles (FВ15М-12, FВ18М-12, FВ20М-12) have a minimum carrying capacity of 1.3 to 2 tons. For these models, the manufacturer installed a 4.5x2 kW traction motor, and the pump motor - 9 kW. In terms of dimensions and characteristics, the models of this group are similar to those of similar gasoline or diesel cars. All loaders are equipped with a counterweight for greater stability. Four-wheel models have a lifting capacity from 1.5 to 2 tons (FВ15-12, FВ18-12, FВ20А-12) and from 2.5 to 3 tons (FВ25EX-11, FВ30-11). If in the first models the value of the traction motor is also 4.5x2 kW, and the value of the pump motor is 9 kW, then in the latter it is higher. For example, the FВ30-11 loader is maximally capable of lifting 3 tons, for this the manufacturer installed an electric motor of 9.7 kW, and an electric pump motor - 12.6 kW.

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