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Pettibone 6044 Operator's Manual
Pettibone 6044 Operator's Manual
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Pettibone 4021 Operator's Manual
Pettibone 4021 Operator's Manual
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Pettibone is a North American service and maintenance crane manufacturer.


Pettibone has unveiled the new Extendo 1246X telehandler for its X-Series range.

Built on the latest generation of Pettibone X-Series machines, the 1246X is ideal for contractors and tenants working in a variety of conditions from construction to oil and gas production. The 1246X telescopic handler joins the product line between the Extendo 944X and 1258X, which are joined by three matching Traverse models.


The Extendo 1246X is powered by a 117 hp Cummins QSF 3.8 Tier 4 Final diesel engine. Side-mounted, the powertrain provides easy service access while providing excellent lateral visibility and approximately 50cm ground clearance. The 114 liter fuel tank provides ample fuel for all day operation at 100% load.


With an advanced boom design, the 1246X offers a maximum lift height of 14.16 meters, a maximum forward reach of 9.15 meters and a maximum lift capacity of 5443 kg. The specially designed profile of the boom elements provides increased strength while reducing weight. The design also minimizes boom deflection for better control and accuracy when loading at high heights.


The boom overlap on the Extendo 1246X is almost double that of the previous generation for smoother operation and less contact forces on the pads, thereby extending pad life.


The bottom-mounted external extension cylinder further reduces the load on the pads by up to 50%. In addition, the location of the cylinder provides improved service access to the internal boom components. Wear pads also simplify maintenance, and heavy duty extension chains provide stable boom functions.


The manufacturer did not disregard the hydraulic system either. Pettibone's new robust hydraulics provide better control and smoother operation while increasing efficiency and cycle speed.


Cylinder cushioning cushions impacts at the end of boom opening and stowage, avoiding wear during hard, abrupt stops and helps prevent potential load spillage. The Extendo 1246X telescopic handler also uses a single lift cylinder for improved front visibility and two no-load hydraulic lines for tilting and accessories.


The drivetrain and axles on the Extendo 1246X have been optimized to provide higher tractive effort at top speed. Designed for use in rough terrain, the machine has four-wheel drive and a limited-slip front axle differential. The Dana VDT12000 Powershift transmission provides three speeds forward and reverse.


The operator's cab of the new Extendo is equipped with ergonomic controls and provides excellent visibility in all directions. An optional 18 cm digital display with built-in backup camera is available as an option. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the new car with an improved climate control system.


All steel fuel and hydraulic tanks are designed to resist damage, and a lockable fuel tank is kept in a clean, accessible location. Other features for the Extendo 1246X include split system circuit boards, a 12-volt auxiliary plug in the engine compartment and powerful, bright LED lighting.


Additional options include axle-mounted outriggers, solid or foam-filled tires, a sling hook for added load protection and a wide range of attachments.

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