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The Chinese engineering company Dalian Forklift Co., Ltd is a well-known manufacturer of forklifts and special equipment in China and in the world. It was founded in 1946 as a state production and has remained state-owned to this day. Dalian is the first company in China to develop and launch forklift trucks in the country. It is currently the R&D center for new models of forklift trucks all over China.


The Dalian Forklift name also appears in the tractor and heavy equipment industry. The main field of activity is the production of Chinese Dalian forklifts based on components from the world famous Mitsubishi and Nissan corporations. All of them are created according to the technologies and production schemes of these companies and comply with the ISO9001 quality certificate, which was obtained back in 1996.


The main products of the company are loading equipment from 1 to 45 tons. Loaders are divided into series \\ heavy container loaders, empty container loaders, container lifts, LPG loaders, tractors, etc. The total number of manufactured equipment is more than one hundred types and modifications.


Dalian diesel forklift trucks are produced in several series. Below are the characteristics of the most popular models designed to work with various types of goods in warehouses and production sites. Dalian diesel forklift trucks are generally used wherever open space operations are required with a high flow rate and heavy enough packages to be lifted. Replaceable equipment and side-shifting forks allow almost all loaders to work with pallets and other types of cargo.


The Dalian CPCD30CB Forklift Truck is a medium duty model. It is these models that are most common - they are suitable for work in small and medium-sized enterprises and industrial giants.

The Dalian CPCD30 forklift has a lifting capacity of 3000 kg, the total weight of the machine is 4320 kg, and the transmission is automatic. The engine has the following characteristics:

Xinchang motor model - A490BPG;

Engine power - 37 kW;

The number of revolutions - 2650 rpm;

Number of cylinders - 4;

The working volume of the cylinders is 2540 cm³.


Dalian CPCD30 is used for loading and unloading and transportation of various types of goods of different dimensions, and packaging forms. The characteristics of the loader are shown below:

Travel speed with load - 18 km / h;

Moving without load - 20 km / h;

The lifting speed of the loaded forks is 400 mm / s.


All Dalian electric forklift trucks are designated CPD and SA. This includes models with a lifting capacity of up to 3 tons. The CPD10-CPD30 series electric China forklift is equipped with regenerative braking systems. They convert kinetic braking energy into battery charging energy. Braking regeneration saves the loader's energy resources and extends the battery life.


The main link of the control system for all loader engines is a multifunctional panel. Important indicators are shown on a liquid crystal display (LCD). The operator adjusts the parameters and selects the operating modes using special-purpose controls. The LCD display is equipped with indicators informing about malfunctions in the operation of motors and other components of the electric forklift.


Electric Chinese forklifts are not inferior to the machines of leading brands in Europe and Japan in terms of their efficiency and have no less service life.

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