XCMG Forklift Truck Brochures PDF

XCMG production facilities have 14 fully automated lines of European standards. This allows XCMG forklift trucks to compete with European and Japanese forklift manufacturers.

Currently, XCMG supplies about 160 variants of loading and unloading machines, differing in carrying capacity and equipment, equipped with diesel, gasoline, natural gas engines and electric motors of Japanese or Chinese production.


Diesel loaders XCMG CPCD are equipped with units and parts of Japanese production, automatic transmission, can be equipped with various types of masts that allow lifting loads to a height of 7000 mm.


XCMG Electric Trucks

XCMG Electric Forklift Trucks are powerful and manoeuvrable with high ground clearance to work in tight spaces.

Like diesel forklifts, XCMG's electric forklift trucks are in demand for their reliability, maneuverability and versatility.

XCMG forklift trucks are exported to Europe, USA, Africa, Asia for warehouse and factories. XCMG warehouse trucks are designed and assembled at one of the world's largest forklift factories. The corporation, in addition to gigantic production facilities, has its own research and development base.

All warehouse equipment is subject to the strictest state control over the quality of products. XCMG forklifts have all the necessary European quality certificates and comply with all existing standards of safety, reliability, noise, environmental friendliness, etc.

In addition, there are models of XCMG side loaders of various carrying capacities, a distinctive feature of which is the lateral position of the forks and the presence of a support platform, which allows transporting long loads.


XCMG offers an economical yet high performance FD20T forklift truck. A distinctive feature of the loader is its affordable price in the Ukrainian market in comparison with similar European and American equipment. XCMG forklift models are equipped with powerful diesel engines. The loading equipment of this brand has an impeccable reputation, and has long won trust in the international arena. Forklift truck XCMG FD20T - Designed to solve a wide range of tasks - loading, moving, unloading, storing and stacking various goods located on pallets, pallets, in boxes, bags, boxes or in other containers or containers, as well as piece by fork or attachments. XCMG FD20T Forklift Advantages: One piece suspension frame design. New water tank and cooling system. Larger working space, optimized steering wheel, control stick and pedals. Highly efficient hydraulic system, low fuel consumption. The redesigned, wide-view mast improves operational efficiency and operational safety.

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