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When choosing special equipment for various jobs, large companies prefer models from the English manufacturer JCB. Excavators and tractor loaders of this brand have many distinctive features, which makes them the leader in the world market.


The entire range of the company includes more than 300 models, each of which has individual technical characteristics and structural qualities. They are widely used in the construction, industrial and agricultural fields. For loading and unloading tasks, forklifts are used. The most popular models are TLT 20, 930 and 940. With a high lifting capacity, they have a fairly compact size. A special role in the general mechanism of special equipment is played by the transmission, on which the movement and functioning of the machine depends.

JCB Forklift Transmission Varieties

The mechanical transmission has the simplest design and the lowest price policy. The drive is represented by a leading front axle, which is connected with a fork to the propeller shaft. Although the "Mechanics" is easy to operate and maintain, today it is irrelevant. This is due to the fact that the other two types of transmissions have better control and higher efficiency.


A hydromechanical transmission is very similar in design to a mechanical one, but in this case it has a torque converter, which is used in conjunction with the clutch. The uniqueness of this drive lies in the ability to increase the cross-country ability of special equipment and the presence of excellent traction characteristics. In addition, the hydromechanical transmission is capable of minimizing shock loading while the car is moving away or during a mode change.

The hydrostatic transmission is the most advanced drive type found on JCB forklift models. Its design consists of a closed hydraulic system with hydraulic pumps using lines. This transmission eliminates the occurrence of jerks while driving and provides an instant response of the vehicle when the accelerator pedal is pressed.

If we talk about the transmission in general, then we can say that this is a multifunctional unit, equipped with a large number of electronic control systems. This device helps to reduce fuel consumption and engine load, ensuring a smoother loader ride.


Forklift JCB TLT 30

The TLT30 counterbalanced clay loader is a powerful machine suitable for a wide variety of applications. Depending on the configuration, this industrial forklift truck weighs between 4900 and 5380 kg. This machine can be fitted with a diesel or LPG engine, a standard boom or boom for increased lifting capacity, and even an all-wheel drive version of the machine.


When using the diesel version, the machine is equipped with a 35.6 kW engine, and for the model with an LPG engine, 43 kW. The machine with the increased lift height provides a lifting capacity of 3000 kg and a lift height of 5.15 m.

The telescopic boom design of a forklift truck has a wide range of benefits, including the ability to load trucks from one side due to the large boom reach, while saving up to 50% cargo space in tight spaces. The freed up space can be used to create pedestrian zones. In addition, the long reach of the boom allows operators to stay away from hazards such as ovens or chemicals.

The TLT30 counterbalance forklift not only lifts loads, but sets new standards for all forklift trucks.

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