Yuejin Truck Service Manuals


     The Chinese automotive industry pleases domestic freight forwarders with its achievements. Yuejin car is one of the prominent representatives of Chinese trucks for long-term operation.

Over the history of the development of Yuejin Motor Corporation, the company managed to achieve excellent results, to produce cars for solving various professional problems. The first model released from the assembly line of the enterprise was the NJ-130. At the same time, the construction of a plant for the production of auto parts was carried out.

If you pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of the truck, you can note several features:


Each headlight includes 3 bulbs, there are fog lights (front and rear of the truck).

 Yuejin is a car with a cramped cab, and this is an unpleasant quality of the truck. According to the documentation for vehicles, a truck is able to comfortably accommodate three people, only two people (including the driver) will be able to place and go on the road without experiencing discomfort.

It is worth noting that in the latest versions, the spaciousness of the cabin has increased slightly, and this is good news for future owners of vehicles. If you touch on the aesthetics of the cabin, then it is quite acceptable. Neat panels, flooring and other elements of the body are in harmony. Yuejin - a truck that has not received a leadership in terms of comfort, but knows how to mix with the assigned tasks.

The standard set of body elements contains: a radio, cup holders, folding backs, a special box for documentation - all this is present and works for the convenience of the driver and passengers. The minimum equipment of the machine includes a speed regulator, as well as heated rear-view mirrors.

Leaving a review of the interior, it is worth touching the exterior of the car. Externally, the Yuejin truck is neat and quite attractive. In the conditions of the road, the car impersonates a working car with good driving characteristics. Available in several colors - blue and white.

For those who still have not heard what Yuejin is, let's say: this is a diesel truck, which is one of the small-tonnage cars. A 2-liter engine is enough to fully utilize the power of a rear-wheel drive truck. There are more powerful versions of the motors. Options include power windows.

Despite the significant number of shortcomings by European standards, the Yuejin truck is a machine for long-term operation, long-term transportation of goods weighing up to 3.5 tons.

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