CHERY Forklift Truck Specs PDF

Chery Forklifts: A Tale of Innovation and Engineering Brilliance

In the year 2010, buoyed by a substantial authorized capital of three billion yuan, Chery Heavy Industry embarked on a transformative journey that would reshape China's engineering landscape. Over the ensuing years, it blossomed into a formidable player in the industry, with manufacturing facilities spanning cities such as Wuhu, Taizhou, Nanlin, and Kaifeng. The expansive Wuhu headquarters, encompassing over 3,500 square meters, serves as the nerve center, while the corporate headquarters in Beijing houses the research institute and the foreign relations department.

Chery Heavy Industry has left an indelible mark across diverse sectors, ranging from heavy industrial vehicles and construction to road machinery, logistics, and agricultural special equipment. The company's unwavering commitment to innovation is palpable through substantial investments in research and development. Over the years, Chery has filed nearly a hundred patents, a testament to its ceaseless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions.


Chery's foray into warehouse equipment is nothing short of revolutionary. Offering a comprehensive lineup of nine specialized machinery varieties, the company caters to the needs of storage facilities, transportation hubs, and various commercial and industrial establishments. With nearly 300 different types available, these machines boast capacities ranging from 500 kilograms to an impressive 16 tons.

Forklifts take center stage in Chery's warehouse equipment arsenal. The Chery forklift plant, situated in Wuhu and sprawling across 50 acres, stands as a testament to its production prowess, churning out an impressive 40,000 forklifts annually. The options range from medium-duty to heavy-duty types.

The Chery FD15-FD100 diesel forklifts, powered by efficient XINCHANG490BPG and NB485BPG engines, offer flexible outputs ranging from 16 kW to 83 kW. These forklifts can achieve speeds between 13 and 26 kilometers per hour with a load, and their design allows for a raised angle of up to 20% when handling weights.

The electric forklift series, Chery FE10-FE25, presents capacities from 1,600 kilograms to three tons. Equipped with electric motors ranging from 8 to 37 kW, these forklifts ensure high performance, extended battery life, and environmentally friendly, quiet operations. Notably, one model boasts a turning radius of just 2–3.5 meters, making it ideal for navigating tight quarters.

Chery's commitment to service is underscored by its comprehensive Service Repair Manuals PDF, ensuring that users have access to the resources needed to maintain and optimize their Chery forklifts.

Chery Heavy Industry extends its warehouse equipment offerings beyond forklifts, encompassing high-rack reach trucks, pallet carriers, container stackers, mobile tractors, and versatile vehicles with combined forklift and stacker capabilities. This comprehensive suite of warehousing equipment positions Chery as a leader at the intersection of innovation and utility in the engineering sector.