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CARER Forklift r120_160_f9d97
CARER Forklift r120_160_f9d97
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CARER Forklift z60_80h_70
CARER Forklift z60_80h_70
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CARER Forklift 30_F16H
CARER Forklift 30_F16H
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CARER Forklift
CARER Forklift
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The Italian company CARER specializes in the production of electric forklift trucks. CARER loaders have a wide range of models - more than 40 types of models. The CARER loader is powered by a powerful traction battery, which is designed for 1500 charge and discharge cycles (about 5 years of operation).


Electric forklift Carer F 60-65-70-80-90 H

This is an improved version of heavy lift trucks. The F60-90H is ideal for transporting heavy loads in a variety of industries. F 60-90 H is very compact and very strong, easy and convenient to operate.


Key Features

Excellent balance between efficiency and control

Wide viewing angle

Powerful lifting cylinders

AMD advanced multifunction display

Improved visibility

The ability to install attachments

Main characteristics

Brand Carer

Carrying capacity, kg 6000 - 9000

Lift height, mm up to 3400

Engine type Electro

Battery, V 96

Battery capacity, A / h 1240

Number of supports 4 support

Delivery time (days) upon request

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