Shaanxi Service Manuals PDF, fault codes and wiring diagrams


     SHAANXI Automobile Group (Shaanxi) is one of the top 500 most powerful companies in China and has already become a research platform and support for the production of a full line of Chinese dump trucks.

The company has a powerful advantage in the development of commercial vehicles using new energy sources. The company's products cover heavy military SUVs, heavy trucks, large and medium buses (chassis), medium and light trucks, minivans, heavy car axles, Cummins engines, car parts, and other areas. Over the 40-year history of the plant, more than 600,000 different cars have been produced, which has made a great contribution to the development of the national economy of China and the construction of national defense.

In 1975, the launch of the production of a military off-road truck (carrying capacity 2.5 tons) took place, mass deliveries of equipment for the Chinese army began.

 In 1978, the production of a civilian truck was established (carrying capacity 5 t).

 In 1983, the construction of the production base in Xiangfan (area - 1 million square meters) was completed, and three years later the annual production level of 100,000 transport units was achieved. Constantly developing and expanding, in 1992 the company received the status of a transnational, high-tech corporation and was renamed to SHAANXI Corporation. At that time, annual production and sales exceeded 220,000 cars, and profits amounted to 1.5 billion yuan per year. In the next (1993th) year, the corporation entered the passenger car market, successfully implementing large-scale systemic reforms.

 In 1999, SHAANXI, Ltd. was established as part of the corporation. She is engaged in the design and development, manufacture and distribution of cars and light commercial vehicles (SUVs, pickups, station wagons, as well as SHAANXI series diesel engines).

 In 2002-2003 In order to further develop and conquer the international market, the resources of SHAANXI and the Japanese auto giant Nissan were merged, which led to the formation of the largest joint venture of China's automobile industry - SHAANXI, Ltd.

His main specialization is large-capacity commercial vehicles (tractors, dump trucks, etc.), buses and special equipment. The initial authorized capital is $ 2 billion. In 2003, the corporate operations center moved from Shiyan to Wuhan. By this time, the total assets of DFMC reached 76.89 billion yuan, and net assets - 33.9 billion yuan, staff - 106,000 people.

In 2004, a long-term cooperation agreement was signed by Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. with the German company MAN on the use of MAN F2000 technology worldwide. Currently, the company’s product catalog contains truck tractors, dump trucks, flatbed vehicles and special equipment based on MAN modifications (DLong, OLong, DYu and Shunchi).


Since June 2004, Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. started the construction of a new heavy truck production base. In January 2005, the first MAN F2000 technology vehicle was launched. Currently, the capacity of the new production base is 50,000 heavy vehicles. The total investment in the construction of a new heavy truck base is $ 257 million. At present, the CIMC Shaanxi Special Technology plant is under construction at a new production base with an investment of 78 million dollars. The commissioning period is scheduled for 2008.


Shaanxi Automobile Group LLC established a research platform and support for the production of a full line of heavy commercial vehicles, and is included in the state “Plan 863” for a number of points. In recent years, he successfully promotes Delong products (F3000, M3000), gas trucks and other series of products, developed the first tractors in China to work on electric berths, formed a technological reserve for replacing fuel, the company’s share of gas tractors in the Chinese market is the first a place. In the near future, by means of expanding cooperation, accumulating internal and external resources, the company has formed a complete industrial chain of commercial vehicles and a production cluster, with a vehicle as a center, combined production, training, research and service into a single whole. T. about. the enterprises of the entire production chain have come together, are located compactly, while raising the new standard for automobile production. An industrial truck fleet has been established in Jingwei Technology Park in Xi'an, which includes a truck factory, an automobile bridge factory, an automobile frame factory, an engine factory, a technical center, a sales center, a distribution center, etc. with excellent equipment, advanced technology, high-performance safety, energy-saving and environmental protection, world-class.

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