Doosan Forklift Service Manuals

Doosan PSCBTBX7V2-Booklet
Doosan PSCBTBX7V2-Booklet
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Doosan DV250S-7_ENG_121031
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Doosan Engineering Holding manufactures and supplies warehouse equipment. The first presentation of the PRO-5 1.5-2 ton electric forklift trucks was held at the international exhibition CeMAT '2005 in Hanover. Then they began to produce other special equipment for the warehouse. Doosan forklifts are one of the main directions in the production of the holding. The company produces three types of forklifts - diesel, gas-petrol and electric trucks (from compact (with a carrying capacity of 1–1.6 tons) to powerful machines capable of lifting loads weighing 4–5 tons).


Doosan forklift trucks of all models are distinguished by a number of advantages, including smooth movement and easy braking, convenience in operation and repair. They are unpretentious in handling and resistant to aggressive environments.


The brake resource is designed for 10,000 operating hours. The Doosan Forklift's center of gravity is low, which makes it more stable and increases its residual capacity. Doosan forklift trucks have a travel speed limiting function when the steering wheel is turned at large angles. Loaders are safe when working at high heights, and removable side panels provide easy access to service.


The Doosan internal combustion engine forklift is used in wagons, containers and trucks. They are also effective in open areas and closed warehouses, in workshops in production.


Doosan forklift models with engines powered by natural gas are environmentally friendly and as safe as possible, therefore the main area of their use is the food industry.


The main advantage of the Doosan Forklift Truck (Electric Forklift Truck) is its low noise level, which does not exceed 85dB.


Technically advanced modifications of Doosan forklifts are also produced, the mechanism of which is equipped with a microprocessor controller (logic unit) - an innovative device that controls and monitors the operation of the forklift. A quick check of the internal mechanism is provided by the built-in self-diagnosis system. The display has a fault code, which in the event of a breakdown of the mechanism, blocks the operation of the loader.

Diesel forklift Doosan D15S-5

Optimum operator comfort

Powerful, fuel-efficient diesel gas and petrol engines with variable emission levels

Virtually Maintenance-Free Oil Cooled Disc Brakes

Reversible transmission

Hydraulic control with lift and tilt lock

SKPO (Operator Presence Control System)


Manufacturer: DOOSAN-DAEWOO

Carrying capacity: 1.5 t

Model: D15S-5

Engine type: Diesel

Engine - diesel CUMMINS / A2300

Transmission - automatic

Mast - STD 3300 mm

Tilt cylinders - 6 degrees forward / 8 deg. back

Brakes - drum / with hydraulic booster

Tires - pneumatic

Hydraulic distributor - 3-section, 2 levers

Carriage - ISO-II

Forks - 900 mm, hinged

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