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Baoli CPCD 80 Operating And Servicing Manual
Baoli CPCD 80 Operating And Servicing Manual
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BAOLI Forklift Truck Manuals
BAOLI Forklift Truck Manuals
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Baoli loaders are produced by the company of the same name. Carrying capacity of models is from 1.5 to 10 tons. Gas models, electric, petrol models are presented. Baoli diesel loaders are also available. The advantage is the design, which will make it easy to identify the equipment of this manufacturer among other equipment. High quality matches the price perfectly.


Baoli manufactures warehouse equipment. It was originally considered a Chinese firm. It is a member of the KION Group corporation, headquartered in Germany.


The Baoli brand has existed since 1993. The brand's motors are actively used in the production of washing machines, industrial saws, air conditioners, and grinding units. One of the directions is Baoli forklifts.


Only modern tools are used for production. The main assets are laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, bending machines and welding stations. This improves quality by doing the job 100% accurate.


Also, in the manufacture of warehouse loaders, hydraulic presses of a new generation, a modern automatic painting line and conveyor lines for the assembly of equipment are used.


Baoli LPG trucks are equipped with powerful motors, which increase their capacity to ten tons. Electric models have a lifting capacity of up to three tons. All equipment is characterized by high reliability and low price. Finished products are tested using stands.


 Baoli loaders have the following advantages:


The presence of restraints with a rain roof.

The air filter is doubled, due to which the service life of the equipment is increased.

The viewing angle is expanded.

The Baoli loaders have been fitted with a self-troubleshooting control unit.

Increased sound insulation of the engine compartment.

The use of engines of world brands.

Compliance with international standards for the degree of emission, noise.

Smooth lowering of the mast due to the hydraulic system.

Improved steering with reduced vibration levels.

Increased opening angle of the bonnet, making it easier to repair or service.

The presence of protective brackets on the headlights.

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