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Hyundai HD65 - Owner's Manual
Hyundai HD65 - Owner's Manual
Hyundai HD65 - Owner's Manual_compressed
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Hyundai HD78 Electric Equipment
Hyundai HD78 Electric Equipment
Hyundai HD78 Electric Equipment_compress
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Hyundai Xcient manual PDF
Hyundai Xcient manual PDF
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Hyundai H-100 Truck - Owner's Manual
Hyundai H-100 Truck - Owner's Manual
Hyundai H-100 Truck - Owner's Manual_com
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Hyundai has been producing trucks since the first days of its existence - at first it was one Ford model, and then its own developments appeared. Today the company offers a wide range of trucks: from the urban Porter to the ultra-modern Xcient tractors. About the main models of Hyundai trucks.

In our country, Hyundai is perceived, first of all, as a manufacturer of passenger cars, with good quality and a pleasant price. However, if you look closely, you can see a lot of trucks on our roads.


While there is nothing to be surprised about, there are several reasons why Hyundai trucks have become popular:


- A wide range of models covering all categories of trucks (from light commercial to large-tonnage dump trucks, tractors and special equipment);

- High quality and excellent technical characteristics for their class - for a number of parameters, Hyundai cars are objectively better than domestic and other trucks;

- Competitive price combined with reasonable maintenance and repair costs.

In general, Hyundai trucks have proven themselves to be the best, and deserve closer attention from our side.


All Hyundai trucks can be roughly divided into five large categories:


- Light commercial trucks - these include only the Porter models and the updated Porter II, and the minibuses (as well as cars based on them) H-100 and H-1 are also often ranked among them;

- Light duty trucks - the segment is based on the HD-65 and HD-78 models;

- Medium-duty trucks - these are two main models HD-120 and HD-170;

- Large-capacity trucks - this category includes the HD-250 and HD-260 models, as well as the HD-270 and HD-320 / HD-370 chassis, used mainly as a base for dump trucks and special equipment;

- Hyundai truck tractors are the most powerful trucks of the HD-450, HD-500, HD-700 and HD-1000 models.


In addition, the most modern Hyundai Xcient series trucks (also offered under the name QZ) can be distinguished into a separate category. Today the range includes truck tractors, truck chassis and dump trucks.


Each of the lines and models of trucks has its own characteristics and areas of application, and also has a different ability to set up and operate.

 Light commercial trucks Porter and Porter II

The Hyundai Porter is a light commercial truck in production since 1977. It is a typical Asian truck designed for active urban operation - it has compact dimensions, but sufficient in most cases carrying capacity (up to 950 kg), has high maneuverability, good dynamics and economy.

The Hyundai Porter has a frame structure, the engine is installed in the front, and a three-seater cab is located above the engine. The drive is to the rear axle. Transmission - only mechanical 5-speed. Front suspension - independent, wishbone, shock absorber, with anti-roll bar. Rear suspension - dependent, on springs, shock absorber, stabilizer.

Medium-duty trucks

Hyundai medium-duty trucks are also presented in two models with similar characteristics:

 - HD-120 with a lifting capacity of 7.3-7.7 tons (in some markets it is offered as a Hyundai Mega Truck);

- HD-170 with lifting capacity up to 10 tons (in some markets it is offered as New Power Truck and Hyundai Gold).


Both cars have a traditional frame structure and layout, the engine is located under the cabover cab, the wheel arrangement is 4 × 2, the drive is to the rear axle. Each of the models has its own characteristics.


HD-120. Today the model has three modifications, differing in maximum length - Short (4.6 meters), Long (5.45 meters) and Extra Long (8.62 meters). Two models of 6-cylinder diesel engines are used as a power plant: D6BR (180 hp, 7.9 l, Euro-4; 185 hp, 7.5 l, Euro-2 and Euro-3 "; 198 hp, 5.9 liters," Euro-3 ") and D6GA (260 hp, 5.9 liters, modifications" Euro-3 "," Euro-4 "and" Euro-5 ").


HD-170. It is presented in three modifications with different maximum lengths - Short (5.45 meters), Long (7.4 meters) and Extra Long (9.525 meters). Supplied with turbocharged 6-cylinder diesel engines D6AB (340 HP, 11.1 L, Euro-3) and D6AB-D (290 HP, 11.1 L, Euro-3)


The big advantage of the models is their attractive cost and low maintenance cost. An additional incentive to purchase HD-120 and HD-170 is the fact that the domestic market does not offer too many cars of this class (with a carrying capacity of 7-10 tons). Some KAMAZ trucks (43253, 43255, 45143 and others) and MAZ (5336, 5340) have similar characteristics, and we can also compare the ZIL-4331 and some other GAZ and ZIL models to the HD-120 in terms of carrying capacity.


Large-capacity trucks

The segment of heavy-duty trucks is represented by the largest number of models with a maximum carrying capacity of 17.42 to 29.53 tons. The lineup is based on five models - HD-250 / HD-260, HD-270 and HD-320 / HD-370, united by the Hyundai Trago trademark. Each car has its own characteristics and scope.


HD-250 / HD-260. The lightest models with a maximum chassis load capacity of up to 17.42 (HD-250) and 18.22 (HD-260) tons and a maximum gross vehicle weight of 42 tons. Has a classic layout, wheel arrangement 6 × 2 and 6 × 4, is equipped with in-line 6-cylinder diesel engines with a turbocharger D6AB (340 hp, 11.1 liters, "Euro-3"), D6CB38 (380 hp ., 12.3 liters., "Euro-3") and others.


HD-270. The chassis with a lifting capacity of 21.96 tons is most often used as a base for a dump truck and construction equipment (concrete mixers). Has a 6 × 4 wheel arrangement, is equipped with D6AC in-line diesel engines (340 hp, 11.1 l, Euro-2) and D6CB (380 hp, 11.1 l, Euro-3)


HD-320 / HD-370. The heaviest model with a carrying capacity of 29.53 tons. This four-axle chassis with a wheel arrangement of 8 × 4 is most often used for the installation of a tipper platform, as well as as a basis for special and construction equipment. Equipped with D6AC and D6CA in-line diesel engines (two modifications with a capacity of 340 and 380 hp, a volume of 11.1 and 12.9 liters, "Euro-3").


This line of trucks has been produced since 2006, the cars have not only excellent technical characteristics, but also a high degree of safety and comfort for the driver. Regularly and optionally, cars are equipped with auxiliary active safety systems (ABS and others), air conditioning, heated rear-view mirrors, etc.

 These models are built on a modern component base, they widely use components and assemblies of European brands (in particular, all gearboxes - ZF), which increases the reliability of cars.

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