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Maintenance of the truck ZIL-130_compres
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Specifications for the overhaul of the ZIL-130
Specifications for the overhaul of the ZIL-130
Specifications for the overhaul of the Z
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ZiL+433360 Electrical Wiring Diagrams
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ZiL 111 Electrical Wiring Diagrams
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      The ZIL 157 truck is an SUV manufactured in the USSR. More than 60 years ago, the first ZIL-157 all-terrain vehicle was launched at a machine-building plant in Moscow. The design team, led by A.M. Krieger, improved the ZIS-151 model. For about 30 years, since 1958, this SUV lasted on the exhaust conveyors of auto plants. And to this day it is considered the most passable.

It can be found both in the snows of the Far North, and in the forests of Altai. Of course, ZIL-157 is actively used in the army. He can cope with field exercises like no other thanks to his patency. But this is not all of its virtues.

The history of the creation of USSR cars has a complicated beginning. In the early 40s, when the beginning of the Second World War was no longer in doubt, the designers of world automobile plants were looking for a solution to improve army equipment. The USSR did not stand aside, because improving defense capability was a priority.


Then thanks to the team of designers of the machine-building plant named after Gorky, under the leadership of A. A. Lipgart, an event occurred that turned the concept of automotive industry upside down. Namely, after all kinds of tests, they began to produce trucks with hinges of equal angular speeds, thanks to which the front axle of vehicles turned into a drive axle. Also, according to the theory of designers for all-wheel drive cars, there should be tires with special treads for all kinds of conditions of movement around the terrain.


length - 6.684 m;

width - 2,315 m;

height - 2,360 m (with a tent - 2,915 m);

wheelbase - 3.120 m;

ground clearance - 0.310 m;

front track - 1,755 m;

back track - 1,755 m;

The minimum turning radius is 12,000 m.

Platform Dimensions:

length - 3,570 m;

width - 2.090 m;

height with grill - 0.926 m.

Weight characteristics:

curb weight - 5540 kg;

front axle load - 2400 kg;

load on the rear trolley - 3140 kg;

gross weight - 10190 kg;

front axle load - 2770 kg;

load on the rear trolley - 7420 kg;

carrying capacity - 2500 kg.

The average fuel consumption at a speed of 40 km / h was 42 liters. The capacity of the fuel tank is 150 + 65 l. The car was not designed for long transportation. But, nevertheless, a full tank of fuel could allow more than 500 km to pass.

Dynamic characteristics:

maximum speed - 65 km / h;

maximum depth of ford overcome - 0.850 m.


To date, ZIL-157 has long been discontinued. But the glory about him is still alive. Sometimes he can be found in the countryside, as an au pair. Even despite its age, the Soviet SUV can still and will work for the benefit of the owner. And so far he has attracted great interest.

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